Trying to Determine a Link Between Various Clans or Groups of Monsters Across Storylines-Part 9 Drow

The last time I looked at a group of monsters to see if there are any links between them was back in January.  So, I figure it is time to take a look at another set of enemies and explore where they occur and to try to see how they are connected, if at all.  Just to recap I have looked at the following:

1).  Sahaugin
2).  Kobolds
3).  Ogres
4).  Trolls
5).  Bugbears
6).  Hobgoblins
7).  Troglodytes
8).  Orcs

For this article, I wanted to look at the various Drow clans.  Here are the drow clans that I can think of in Eberron and Forgotten Realms:

Various types of Drow in DDO (Courtesy of the DDOWiki).

1).  Vulkoorim (Scorrow)-Menechtarun, Faithful Departed, Raveneye, Cult of the Six, Proof is in the Poison,The Monastery
2).  Sulatar-Searing Heights
3).  Pirates-Three Barrel Cove, Smuggler’s Rest, Blood-Tide
4).  Outcasts-Bounty Hunter, Stromvauld’s Mine, Red Willow, VON, Gwylan’s Stand
5).  Enslaved-Tempest Spine
6).  Veil and the Luridae
7).  Nyx?
8).  Xoriat-Invaders, A Dream of Insanity, Xorian Cipher

Forgotten Realms:
1).  House Dun’Robar
2).  House Azithoul
3).  House Szind

The drow are numerous throughout our questing encounters in Eberron and in Forgotten Realms.  However, all of the drow in the Forgotten Realms, to my limited knowledge. are all associated with Lolth and/or the Underdark.  However, with that said you do have the three primary houses of Sschindylryn=Dun’Robar, Azithoul, and Szind.  All three houses are currently working cooperatively to further their goddess’ plans to invade the surface but the world of the drow of the Underdark is full of treachery and these houses are constantly working against each other to gain further favor to their dreadful deity.

Moving to Eberron, the religious believes and general loyalties are more numerous.  The largest single group of drow in Eberron that our adventurers will encounter are those that worship the scorpion god, Vulkoor.  The followers of Vulkoor are primarily hostile with only one clan being friendly, and that being the Raveneye clan of the Red Fens.  However, the majority of these drow occur in the Sands of Menechtarun and are known as the “Scorrow”.  Out in the desert, the Scorrow are numerous and quite dangerous.  The worshippers of Vulkoor also occur in the quest, Faithful Departed, as they are out to destroy the honored Venerated of the elves, who they despise.  Other members of the Scorrow (drow scorpions) are found throughout other quests as well such as Proof is in the Poison and Cult of the Six (Thual Masmatazz).

A special note must be placed on one of the clans who worship Vulkoor.  The Raveneye clan of the Red Fens are a friendly clan of drow who we help to recover their homeland from the invading forces of Sahaugin.  This appears to be the only friendly clan who worship this deity.

A lesser tribe in Eberron would be the Sulatar.  Currently, this clan is only found in the Searing Heights explorer zone.  Within the zone, a drow scorpion of Vulkoor is actually hunting these traitors.  The Sulatar worship the fire giants that they used to serve.  I believe this clan is referred to as the ‘fire binders’ by their arch enemies, the Qaltiar drow tribe.

The third set of drow are the pirates.  We encounter these drow frequently as troops in Three Barrel Cove, the Blood Tide, and Smuggler’s Rest.  They serve as deadly assassin, sharpshooters, and leaders for their captains.  They don’t seem to have any allegiances except for the specific pirate band they are part of.

The next set of drow I have called the “Outcasts”.  These guys tend be found in a number of quests from Red Willow to VON (excluding VON 3).  They tend to be acting as mercenaries or mini-clans bent on causing problems.  They don’t seem to be linked to Vulkoor or to anything else being independent entities.

The next set of drow I have called the “Enslaved”.  The only drow that fit this mold to me are those drow forced to server Sor’jek in Tempest Spine.  These drow tend to have one focus, to server Sor’jek and in that respect to destroy us adventurers.  There religious believes are vague at best and they seem to be a distinct unit to themselves.

The next set of drow is confusing to me.  The Luridae drow and Veil of VON 3 seem to be a distinct clan to themselves however they appear to worship Vulkoor (as they are a number of drow scorpions to deal with in VON 3).  However, they appear to be a powerful clan that Veil seems to have a large influence over.  Not to mention that Veil is a vampire so trying to understand her relationship to Vulkoor is interesting.  We haven’t come across any other undead drow with respect to Vulkoor which makes me think that the Luridae drow maybe some sort of spawned off sect of the Vulkoor.

The next clan to talk about isn’t really a clan but an individual, Nyx.  Nyx is in the Stormreach Harbor who bestows the various total favor rewards to our characters.  I haven’t been able to pick out what clan he belongs to but I want to say I heard it was the Qaltiar.  Not sure, but if that is true, then that is the second friendly clan we encounter.

The last clan, which I had forgotten about, are the fanatic drow who seem to worship the chaos of Xoriat.  The clan that is in league with the legions of the realm of madness is truly fanatical.  They commonly are associated with beholders, tharashk hounds, and other denizens of Xoriat.  These drow seem to worship madness but they also have drow scorpions within in their ranks, suggesting that they maybe in league with realm of madness because Vulkoor has an interest in this alliance.

Those are all of the clans/tribe that I can think of.  The drow are numerous and are especially dangerous combatants and casters.  Take care when you encounter them.  Thanks for reading and now get out and start hunting some drow!!  Happy Hunting!!!


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