Getting Some Use Out of My Festivault Cakes and Cookies

Like so many other DDO players, I tend to be a pack rat and I tend to have a ton of consumables and clickies that I keep that I “think” will be useful, and probably would be, if only I used them.  For me these include the various cakes, jellies, and cookies from the Festivault Jester.  Last year, I had tried to make a concerted effort to use all of my cookies, cakes, and jellies and had actually started to make a decent dent in them and then the Festivault Jester returned and I just gathered more .

Well, I have decided to make this concerted effort again.  On the weekend, I took Erdrique into the quest Under the Big Top on elite and decided to use his Xoriat Jellies (Otto’s sphere of Dancing).  I used them during the last two fights in the Big Top itself and was surprised to see Yewil d’Phiarlan caught in the dancing sphere as well as a number of the other elves.

Dancing Yewil photo DancingYewil_zps1a4a66b9.jpg
Erdrique dropping down some Otto’s Sphere of Dancing from his Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Jelly cakes from Festivault.

I was also able to catch some of the tieflings as well, which just made the quest that much easier.  Although I wasn’t having any issues, it was still fun to watch the mobs dancing away .

I then used these cakes later in Guard Duty while I was waiting for ogre to appear.  Needless to say, the hobgoblins and kobolds appeared to be having a grand ol’ time in my dancing spheres.  I still have a few of these particular cakes left, just need to finish them off and then move onto the next set of cookies!!

So don’t forget to use you cakes, cookies, and jellies from the Jester, especially in lower level quests .  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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