Blue Flame in the Fire Caves?

Earlier in the week, I took Hamllin (Level 7 Fighter) into Three Barrel Cove and into the Fire Caves to complete the quest, Brood of Flame.  Now, the Fire Caves are located in a volcanic peak in the north eastern region of Three Barrel Cove.  As you can imagine, cave is flowing with lava during the second half of the Fire Caves story arc, crawling with fire mephits, fire elemntals, and hell hounds.  However, there is one flame that caught my eye.  A blue flame burning bright in the midst of all the natural red flames and heat.

Interesting blue flame in the Fire Caves photo Interestingblueflameinthefirecaves_zps0826edfe.jpg
Hamllin noticing a peculiar blue flame in the middle of the Fire Caves.

So I started to wonder what the source of the blue flame was and who actually lit it.  The only other time I can remember seeing blue flames around in our travels is when they were lit magically, had something to do with the Silver Flame, or were the result of the of the cool version of fire shield.  So, who could have put these flames here?  We know that ogres were in the caves and that these ogres drove out the minotaur Idas and his kin.  Perhaps Idas and his kin created the blue flame or maybe the ogres?  Perhaps these flames were already present even before Idas and his minotaur kin came to the Fire Caves.  In any case, its peculiar and mysterious .

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