Questing Through the Bloody Crypt

Earlier in the week, I took my main character, Erdrique (Level 8 Druid), through the quest, The Bloody Crypt.  If you are ensure of the quest, The Bloody Crypt is the capstone quest for the first Necropolis Series (better known as Necro I).  The Bloody Crypt is a level 6 quest on normal and to flag for the quest you need to complete four level 5 quests: Tomb of the Burning Heart, Tomb of the Crimson Heart, Tomb of the Sanguine Heart, and Tomb of the Immortal Heart.

Bloody Crypt fighting Carrion feeders photo BloodyCryptfightingcarrionfeeders_zpsb9c28ecc.jpgErdrique taking on the carrion feeders in the Bloody Crypt.

I really enjoy running the Bloody Crypt, even though getting flagged for it can be irritating (mainly because you need to have enough people to split apart to complete Tomb of the Burning Heart).  The other thing that is irritating about running this particular quest (as well as the other capstone quests in the Necropolis) is that you have to re-run the flagging quests to get back into it.  However, you can always tag along with another person who is flagged for the quest but you won’t get an end reward. 

Bloody Crypt and wight carnage photo BloodyCryptandwightcarnage_zps137c8c08.jpg
Wight carnage in The Bloody Crypt.

So while the flagging can sometimes be irritating, the quest itself is quite fun.  The Bloody Crypt is a longer quest than the other four in the Necropolis I pack but being the final/capstone quest of the series this makes sense.  The quest layout is pretty interesting.  If you were to take a look at the map once you complete the quest, you see that is actually in the shape of a large bat.  The map’s shape just highlights the end boss of the quest being a vampire, Salasso.  Salasso is a disciple of the dreaded Black Abbott and he is working on preparing for his master’s ascension to godhood.  The whole point of the Necro I chain is to get to Salasso and to stop his preparations and therefore delaying the Black Abbott. 

Bloody Crypt and its eerie tunnels photo Bloodycryptanditseerietunnels_zpsad11dd35.jpg
The eerie tunnels of The Bloody Crypt.

There are a number of interesting things about The Bloody Crypt that I really like.  The scenic design and gloomy feel of the crypt is really nicely done.  I really like the eerie hallways with the glowing eyes in the large faces on the walls.  It gives you feeling that you are always being watched.  Another interesting aspect of this particular quest, is that it contains highlights from the four flagging quests within it.  In fact, to get to the central chamber that houses Salasso’s lair, you have to ignite the torches in the four wards, with each ward presenting one of the four flagging quests.  Also, each of these wards contain priests from the four flagging quests that you also encountered in their respective quests.

Bloody Crypt and the priests photo BloodyCryptandthepriests_zps5440bc4b.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the Priests of the Immortal Heart in the Bloody Crypt.

Now obviously the vast majority of the enemies inside the Bloody Crypt are undead.  However, one thing that I found interesting is the diversity in the wights that you encounter in this quest.  You encounter four different types of wights: gallow, barrow, charnel, and sepulcher.  The Bloody Crypt and its flagging quests are the only quests that contain these types of wights, giving them a unique flavor.  It makes me wonder what makes a gallow wight different from a regular wight, a charnel wight different from a armored wight, and etc.  One thing I also noticed, is that that rare encounters that sometimes occur in the Blood Crypt (Atraktos the Leper and Gullet the Famished One) can also occur in the flagging quests.  Another tie from the capstone to its flagging quests.

Bloody Crypt and fighting sepulcher wights photo BloodyCryptandfightingsepulcherwights_zps0b02d622.jpg
Erdrique fighting the sepulcher wights in the Bloody Crypt.

Bloody Crypt and gallow wights photo Bloodycryptandgallowwights_zpsdd5691a3.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the gallow wights.

Bloody Crypt and Atraktos the Leper photo BloodyCryptandAtraktostheLeper_zpsa34e831a.jpg
Erdrique dealing with Atraktos the Leper in the Bloody Crypt.

Once you ignite all four torches, the central chamber opens up so you can get to Salasso.  The end fight with Salasso is also a light unique.  When you enter the crypt, you come across Salasso having council with the Black Abbot and then they realize you are there.  Shortly later Salasso decides to eliminate your party and attacks.  One thing you notice is the room is littered with coffins and if you paid attention to the initial storyline, you learned that Salasso is invulnerable until you discover his heart, which is in one of the coffins.  So the first thing you need to do is to search the coffins until you find his heart.  At that point, you can then beat Salasso down.

Bloody Crypt and igniting the torches photo Bloodycryptandignitingthetorches_zps7bd0fdb7.jpg
Erdrique preparing to ignite the torch to get to Salasso.

Bloody Crypt and Brother Salasso photo BloodcryptandBrotherSalasso_zps281b3216.jpg
Prepaing to fight Salasso.

Bloody Crypt and the vampire's heart photo BloodyCryptandthevampiresheart_zps7755739f.jpg
Erdrique discovering Salasso’s heart.

Keep in mind that when you are looking for Salasso’s heart, you are being attacked by Salasso himself as well as his ever ending army of wights.  However, once you find the his heart, the end fight with Salasso is relatively short lived.  He might phase out into bats or wolves, but overall the fight is short lived. 

Perhaps the best part of the quest is the amount of experience you get from it.  When I completed it on Monday I had obtained nearly 30,000 experience with optionals included.  I also had my guild experience shrine, the Voice of the Master, and my bravery bonus going on.  Completing the quest itself, not counting the options, netter me over 25,000 experience .

Bloody Crypt large amount of experience photo BloodyCryptandlargeamountofexperience_zps0926b86c.jpg
Nice chunk of experience indeed!!

So The Bloody Crypt is an interesting quest.  Its only down side is not being able to get back into once you complete the chain once.  I wish it was more like the House P Carnival Series in that respect, where you could enter any quest once you completed the chain in sequence at least once.  Maybe that will change over time, we’ll see.  But this is a minor issue.  Overall, the quest had a nice feel, an interesting storyline, and some interesting connections to its flagging quests not generally scene.  I know that I always enjoy running through it .

Thanks for reading everybody and now get back into the Necropolis and slay some undead!!  Happy Hunting!!


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