Having Problems in the Quest A Small Problem on Epic Normal

Last week, I took Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer) into the quest A Small Problem on Epic Normal.  It was the first epic level quest I took him into.  After Sludgge reached level 20, I decided to finish up the Assault on Stormreach chain before making his trek through the epic quests.  So I had recently completed Seigebreaker and was ready to start my epic questing .

So after picking up the quest I entered on epic normal and summoned forth my Onyx Panther, my level 17 owlbear, and a level 20 cleric hireling (Wyoh).  Now I know that many of the quests that have a heroic and epic version that some things will change or will be modified in the epic versions.  A Small Problem is an example of this.  The biggest change I noted was that the restless “lions” in the epic versions of the quests are actually not lions.  They are black panthers instead, which I thought was pretty interesting.  It made keeping up with my Onyx Panther a little difficult.  I never noticed this I ran this with my other level 20 and higher characters  but for some reason it just stood out to me this time.

Sludgge taking on the Restless Lions photo SludggetakingontheRestlessLions_zpsf096a856.jpg
Sludgge fighting a restless lion (actually panther) in A Small Problem on epic normal. 

The quest overall went really smoothly.  I was expecting to have some problems with tieflings as I was making my way to the sky spirit, but I had little difficulty in dealing with them.  Before I made my trek to the sky spirit, I completed the optional for killing all of the earth elementals which netted me over 6,000 experience by itself.  I then completed the optional for the fire elementals and for talking to the Brothers Grim.  At this point I gathered over 15,000 experience and I didn’t even complete the quest .

However, that is where my luck ran out.  I’m not sure what entirely happened but I think I just got a little too cocky with myself.  My ship buffs were beginning to run and it was running late in the night.  So instead of leaving Brawnpits at the camp of the Brother’s Grim and taking out a few of the spawning tieflings, I just decided to bring him on.  Up to this point, I had absolutely no problem dealing with the tieflings wave.  However, the first wave of tieflings after the Brother’s Grimm camp was composed of nothing by casters and clerics.  The next thing I saw was that my cleric went down and then before I realized it I went down.  At that point everything was pretty much over

I should have taken it more slowly.  I knew that the tieflings were going to spawn, although I forgot that this bunch was composed entirely of casters and clerics.  In my rush, I got my butt handed to me.  No worries, I’ll get back in there with Sludgge and take it to those tieflings.  LOL, so close too!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


One thought on “Having Problems in the Quest A Small Problem on Epic Normal

  1. Brawnpits can be surprisingly spongy, making him harder to protect. Ranged builds help here since they can mash tieflings faster. I’m due to try this one again with my Shuricannon.


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