Highlighting the Weekend Runs, April 4 to 6

Over the most recent weekend, my quest runs were dominated running Erdrique.  My weekend runs started out with typical morning slayer runs, in which I was scheduled to take Erdrique out into Three Barrel Cove.  The highest level one can be to get full experience from the Three Barrel Explorer area is level 8.  Erdrique was quickly approaching the point where he was going to be forced to level 9, so I wanted to quickly max out the slayer area to get the full experience available.  After traveling around the explorer are for a little while, I needed to logout and head to the office.  After work, I logged Erdrique on again and took him into Tangleroot Gorge and completed the next two quests he needed in the Assault on Splinterskull chain (the ones dealing with Zulkash).  I then logged out for the afternoon to spend some time with my wife and logged back on later on Friday night.  During Friday night, I logged back on with Erdrique and took him back into Three Barrel Cove, intent on finishing up his slayers and rare encounters before I hit level 9.  I probably reset the instance about four times but at the end I had finished gathering my 1,500 kills and all rare encounters.  However, once I finished the slayer zone, I received over 13,000 experience but I only received credit for 4,500 experience as I had hit my experience cap at that level.  LOL, oh well.  If I had leveled up to nine then that 13,000 experience would have been less than 6,500 so I really didn’t lose that much experience.  After that, I went leveled up to 9 and then completed Devil’s Assault on normal and did some character maintenance.  At which point, I needed to call it a night.     

Watching the Hobgoblins dance photo WatchingtheHobgoblinsdance_zps1c7ca138.jpg
Erdrique watching the hobgoblins doing a dance on his way to Zulkash.

The flame comes down in the Inner Fortress of Splinterskull photo TheFamecomesdownintheInnerFortressofSplinterskull_zpsd8887f6b.jpg
Erdrique casting down a flamestrike in the Innerstronghold of Splinterskull on his way to Zulkash.

Erd and his group taking on Devil's Assault photo ErdandhisgrouptakingonDevilAssault_zpse43d1848.jpg
Erdrique taking on the waves of Devil’s in Devil’s Assault.

Fang getting ready to take a bite out of Ithun photo FanggettingreadytotakeabiteoutofIthun_zps2cab7cdd.jpg
Erdrique’s pet, Fang, getting ready to take a bite out of crime

On Saturday, I logged back on with Erdrique and grouped up with Okhamel.  We had started the Delera’s Story Arc awhile back and decided to finish it up.  So we completed the quests Free Delera and Thrall of the Necromancer.  We also took on Dead Girl’s Spellbook, where I suffered a humiliating death from one of those vicious blade traps in there.  What makes it worse, was that I knew the blade was close and just anticipated it incorrectly.  Besides that slight issue, we completed the quest with little difficulty.  We then headed out to Three Barrel Cove and completed the Old Gray Garl story arc, completed the Troglodytes Get and Old Gray Garl.  After that we called it a night.

Erd finishing off a Skeleton Arcus in Free Delera photo ErdfinishingoffaSkeletonArcusinFreeDelera_zpsf52661d8.jpg
A close up of a skeleton arcus in Free Delera.

Erd and Okhamel working their way thorugh the Necromancer's Lair photo ErdandOkhamelworkingtheirwaythroughtheNecromancersLair_zpse42e14a8.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel making their way through the Necromancer’s Lair.

Fighting the undead in Dead Girl's Spellbook photo FightingtheundeadinDeadGirlsSpellbook_zps6a0c3c48.jpg
Fighting the undead in Dead Girl’s Spellbook.

Erd's bear being held photo ErdsBearbeingheld_zpseff13bc3.jpg
Erdrique’s bear getting held in the Troglodyte’s Get.

Taking on Old Gray Garl photo TakingonOldGrayGarl_zps77162732.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel fighting Old Gray Garl.

I didn’t log on Sunday until real late in the night.  Unfortunately, I ran behind in my chores and in doing my workout.  However, I did get on with Suppply (Level 8 Paladin) and took him through the next quest in the Assault on Splinterskull chain, Yarkuch’s Warplans.  I am working on the hard difficult setting on this string as Suppply is a character on my Premium Account.  After that, I was forced to call it a night and to head to bed.

 photo Suppplyhiddenbyhisadversary_zps10fdbd46.jpg
Suppply totally hidden by his enemy in Assault in Splinterskull: Yarkuch’s Warplans.
So the weekend was dominated by runs with Erdrique and I hit a new level with him .  He is steadily making his way through his druid levels!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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