Having fun with Salt Ray

There aren’t a whole lot of spells that can stun undead, at least not that I know of.  However one spell I have been having a lot of fun with lately with Erdrique (Druid Level 9) is Salt Ray.  Salt Ray is a level 3 druid spell that does 1d6 force damage per every two levels to a max of 5d6 and it stuns your opponent on a failed fortitude save, even undead.  I didn’t realize the stunning aspect would work on undead enemies until I stunned a skeleton shortly after I memorized it and started to play around with it.

Salt spray stunning a skeleton again photo Saltspraystunningaskeletonagain_zps3e7b78f6.jpg
Erdrique hitting a skeletal deckhand with salt ray and stunning him.

Although it is only a single target spell, it has proofed to be quite fun in large number of undead encounters in DDO, with the vast majority of the undead being stunned, especially those annoying wight casters. 

I also like to put in combination with call lightning.  First I will stun the target and then summon forth call lightning to dispatch my enemy, or at the very least, to make them that much more vulnerable.  A fun combination indeed .

 photo Saltrayandcalllightninginaction_zps121c459e.jpg
Erdrique having fun with his spells, salt ray and call lightning.

I haven’t heard of many people using salt ray but I found it fun to use.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

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