A Look at the Quest Devil’s Assault

One of the more unique quests in DDO is Devil’s Assault.  Devil’s Assault is unique in a number of ways.  First off, it was actually created as part of the great Shavarath Devil Invasion years ago.  The Devil Invasion was a large world event, in which the devil forces of Shavarath invaded the Stormreach Maketplace and took captured the great Marketplace Tent.  At the climax of the invasion, the Marketplace Tent exploded and forces of Shavarath started to expand into the city through portals in the Barracks in the Marketplace.  The Barracks house the quest Devil’s Assault since that time it was been a staple in DDO, so this makes the quest unique in one way in that it wasn’t actually released as part of an update.

Kannda and his snow elemental having fun time in Devil's Assault photo KanndarandhissnowelementalhavingafuntimeinDevilsAssault_zps879daba2.jpg
Kanndar and his snow elemental fighting in Devil’s Assault on Normal.

The quest is given by Lyvetenant Thifspar who is not far from the stairs that lead from the Marketplace and Harbor.  When you go to the quest entrance, the normal interface of Normal, Hard, and Elite shows up.  However, the uniqueness of this quest, sets the level for quest at level 6 on Normal, level 12 on Hard, and level 18 on elite.  So unlike other quests, the normal, hard, elite options actually increase in increments of 6 as opposed of one.  As a result of this unique system, it doesn’t count for Bravery Bonus. 

Erd and his group taking on Devil's Assault photo ErdandhisgrouptakingonDevilAssault_zpse43d1848.jpg Erdrique battling in Devil’s Assault.
The quest objective for Devil’s Assault is relatively simple…just stop the invasion.  Basically, this entails you keep killing the hordes of devils and their bosses that keep coming through the portals.  The quest is pretty straight forward and as you go further and further into the quest the monsters you face become more and more powerful.  Another interesting thing about Devil’s Assault, is that the monster types increase in difficulty as you enter different levels.  For instance, on normal the enemies are primarily tieflings and fiendish troglodytes.  However, on elite these are changed to orthons and bearded devils.  Now this isn’t totally unique to Devil’s Assault, but the monster types and their power increase tends to be much higher than in other quests, then again the quest difficulty does increase in six level increments, so this should be expected.

While you are fighting throughout the quest, a pause in the fighting occurs (this happens twice actually) for two purposes.  The first purpose is so you can shrine and the second is so you can loot a chest.  This is because these pauses tend to occur after you have defeated a boss from Shavarath.  There are only a few other quests where this occurs (The Last Stand in the Red Fens comes to mind).

Devil’s Assault is also one of the Eberron quests that can be run on epic settings (20 to 23 from Epic Casual to Epic Elite).  I haven’t tried to run Devil’s Assault on any epic difficulty setting but I’m sure the monsters are upgraded even more, although exactly how I’m not positive on.  Another interesting aspect of Devil’s Assault, is that when you run the quests on Elite or Epic settings you can have a chance at gathering greensteel or boots of anchoring ingredients. 


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