A Look at the Quest Ghost of A Chance

Since I have been writing about Three Barrel Cove a lot lately, I figured I would continue and highlight an obscure quest that I’m sure many people look over.  The quest I’m talking about is a Level 5 quest, Ghost of A Chance.  I took Hamllin (Level 7) through it earlier in the week.  The quest giver for Ghost of A Chance is located just outside of the Salty Wench Tavern and underneath the support for Idas (quest giver for the Fire Caves quest chain).  The quest giver is unique, in that he is actually a ghost, the ghost of Marteen Worley.  Marteen informs you that he and his brother were trying to get/steal some of Captain Goldhorn’s famed treasure but unfortunately they got caught.  For their troubles, Marteen was killed and his brother Farrier is being held prisoner.  Marteen enlists your help to free his brother.

Hamllin taking on the ancient warforged photo Hamllintakingontheancientwarforged_zps2bc41fb7.jpg
Hamllin taking on some of the ancient warforged in Ghost of a Chance.

The quest is located in the northern reaches of Three Barrel Cove, not too far away from Scondrel’s Run and just south of the explorer point for the Rotten Shark.  The quest entrance is actually located under water.  Because of it is located in the norther regions of the Cove, it isn’t really ran all that much.  However, even though it does take a little time to get to it, the quest is actually pretty short.  Once you enter the submerged cavern and resurface, Captain Goldhorn’s pirates immediately see you and start firing at you with their bows.  So straight from the get go, the fight is on .

The majority of enemies of pirates, warforged, and dogs.  There a few optionals in the quest that include slaying a bunch of spiders that are primarily located behind hidden doors, slaying a scrag that is in another underwater cave, and slaying Captain Goldhorn himself.  I’m not entirely sure how all of these optionals relate lore wise.  I’m guess that the pirates trapped the spiders behind some hidden doors when they found underwater caves.  I guess they figured they could use spiders at some point, not sure on that.  But seeing as you can only get to the spiders but activating hidden levers that operate hidden doors seems the most likely.  Now Brekik, the scrag is an interesting conundrum.  I’m thinking that Brekik has made some type of devious deal with Captain Goldhorn and as a result is just considered part of the ranks…extra muscle if you will.

Hamllin fighting Brekik in Ghost of A Chance photo HamllintakingonBrekikinGhostofAChance_zps35ab8939.jpgHamllin taking on Brekik.

The quest is actually pretty linear, throw some levers, kill some baddies and keep on going.  Even if you decided to do the optionals with the spiders and Brekik, you basically just double back on the path you were on and continue forward down the hallway.  If you decided to take on Captain Goldhorn, he is located in a side room off of the main hallway.  At level 5, he is quite a challenge.  He is guarded by three or four warforged archers who are are perched on crates above you and the Captain himself is a spellcaster who immediately casts fire shield on himself as soon as the encounter begins.  If you aren’t prepared for the above assault and for his initial attack you can easily get overwhelmed.  Make sure you have fire resistance on when dealing with him and take his archers out as soon as you can, they get quite annoying.

And down he goes photo Anddownhegoes_zpsbd546c05.jpg
And down goes one of Captain Goldhorn’s archers.

Once you take the Captain down, you will encounter another skirmish or two and then you come up to Farrier who is locked behind some type of cell.  Farrier tells you that the cell is wrigged and can only be opened by two methods: 1). solving the puzzle and 2). a key held by the Captain.  Solving the puzzle is another optional for this quest.  It is quite a complicated puzzle and for every incorrect move you make, Farrier takes some damage and will eventually die if you make too many mistakes, therefore resulting in a quest failure.  When you talk to Farrier you can go back to the room where the Captain was and there will be a small lockbox in view that holds the key.  If you use the key, you forfeit the opportunity to get two or three chests, the only end chests in the quests (you do get a chest for killing Brekik and Captain Goldhorn).  I typically just used the key myself.

Overall, the quest is sweet and simple.  It can be challenging if you aren’t prepared.  Lore, wise I’m still trying to figure out how Captain Goldhorn came across these ancient warforged.  There aren’t may others in the game which makes these one stand out to me. 

Well there you have it,  quick run down of the quest A Ghost of A Chance.  Take a look at it when you get a chance.  Happy Hunting everybody!!


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