Sweet!! I Just Leveled…Oh Wait a Minute..

Recently, I was forced to advance Erdrique up to level 9.  During the heroic true reincarnation train, I typically bank a level in order to get the most experience I can from the lower level quests.  As a result, it usually takes me a little while to get a new level but when I do I look forward to learning more skills, gaining new feats, increasing my stats (saves, attributes when necessary, etc.).  However, I also get that bogged down feeling as soon as I finish leveling at the trainer.  It is at this point that I realize that I need to regear…ugh.

New level means more crafting photo Newlevelsmeansmorecrafting_zps9070f1b7.jpg
Erdrique crafting up some higher level gear in House Kundarak.

In the lower levels, I generally craft the gear I need using Cannith Crafting, at least for my weapons, stat gear, armor, and skill gear.  Then I generally augment my crafting by hunting the Auction House for deadly and speed items (which can’t be crafted currently).  This means that I typically spend a good amount of time moving essences from my other characters to Erdrique to craft with (Erdrique is my primary crafter as well) and then I have to spend a good amount of time hunting the Auction House in hopes that I can find the speed and deadly items to fit with my current gear makeup.  To make things more complicated, once I hit level 9 by gear set up generally gets complicated in that I want to use some gear gathered from previous lives that cause loop holes in my current arrangement.  I then get stuck for a few hours juggling gear combinations until I can get everything situated. 

So, leveling is a blessing and a curse.  It is awesome to learn new abilities, get access to new spells, increase your skills, toy around with more enhancements, and train in new feats but boy is it a pain in the butt to gear up, lol.

Thanks for reading everybody and now stop gearing up and go kill some baddies!!  Happy Hunting!!


One thought on “Sweet!! I Just Leveled…Oh Wait a Minute..

  1. 😛 I’m not a big fan of gearing, so I only now and again check if my toons are wearing level appropriate stuff. And often I then end up wearing heroic gear up until ~25 and gianthold stuff


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