What are in Kornak’s crates?

I have been working through the Tangleroot Explorer area with Hamllin (Level 8 Fighter) over the past few weeks or so and came across the rare encounter for the Ogre Magi, Kornak.  While I was waiting for Kornak to reappear I began to wonder what is in his crates in the ogre cave in Tangleroot Gorge?

What are in Kornak's crates? photo WhatareintheKornakscrates_zps96b5dfa5.jpg
Hamllin contemplating what are in these large crates.

The crates are pretty big and we can’t bust them like the many other smaller crates in the cave.  Now the the smaller crates tend to have spare change (coins), potions, and sometimes a loot drop (jewerly, clothing, armor, or weapon).  So if the small crates have those types of items, then what are in these large crates?  I’m thinking that maybe these crates are somehow linked to Yarkuch and his hobgoblins.  We already know that Yarckuch has three ogre warmasters under his control, no reason not to assume they aren’t related in some way to these ogres in Kornak’s cave.  Perhaps whatever is in the crates are Yarkuch’s payments for the warmasters (most like some type of oversized weapons or some type of supplies)…then again the crates just might contain nothing more than worg food .

So what are in the crates?  Who knows?  But the thoughts about their contents is quite interesting at the least

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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