An Oldie but Goodie, A Look at Gwylan’s Stand

Recently I took Erdrique through the quest, Gwylan’s Stand.  Gwylan’s Stand has been around since the release of DDO back in 2006, and it still remains to be a challenging and fun quest!!  Gwylan’s Stand is a level 7 quest on normal (making it a level 9 quest on elite) and it is bestowed by Coralay d’Phiarlan who can be found in the House Phairlan ward, not far from the Amphitheater.  At one point, Coralay was located in the center of the Amphitheater but no longer.  The basic premise of the quest is to rid region known as Gwylan’s Stand of House Thuranni imposters and their mercenaries.

Having fun in Gwylan's Stand photo HavingfuninGwylansStand_zpsbd4bf113.jpg
Erdrique and Okhamel taking on one of the many mercenary lieutenants in Gwylan’s Stand.

The quest is really nicely designed, at least in my opinion.  The quest environment is primarily in a wooded area outside of some ancient giant ruins.  However, there are a number of mini-caves and ruin entrances that you need to enter as well which give you the classic dungeon crawl like experience as well with the open wooded area sense of adventure.

The mixture of enemies within Gwylan’s Stand is also quite impressive.  You will encounter: trolls, rust monsters, brown spiders, hobgoblins, minotaurs, and elves.  All of these will be encountered in various camps spread throughout the landscape, with some minor patrols.  There are also a large number of named monsters in the quest and as a result it contains a lot of uniquely named loot.  There was a point in time when the Giant Stalker’s knife was a must for dealing with the giants in Threnal.  The class type of monsters you will encounter include a number of brute fighter types, cleric/shaman types, and some wizard/fighter combos.

Besides the variety of enemies, the landscape itself can also be treacherous.  There are a large number of traps scattered throughout the ruins that can be quite deadly if you aren’t paying attention to them (especially on elite) and the ruins at Gwylan’s Stand have a large number of raised platforms and cliffs that you can easily fall off of.  The traps tend to be mostly spinning blade traps or spike traps and some of them are manually set off by roaming patrols if they spot you.

There is one downside to this quest.  It does require that you have enough inventory space to carry the special “powder” that is to be used to lace the Thuranni crates.  But besides that, the quest is quite fun to do.  It is also a high experience quest and players tend to like running this quest under their elite Bravery Bonus streak.  During my last run inside Gwylan’s Stand, I received over 17,000 experience (not including the optionals).

There is no doubt, that this quest maybe one of the older quests in the game, but it is still a fun quest to run, making it an “Oldie but Goodie”!!  Thanks for reading everybody and now get back into DDO and go rid Gwylan’s Stand of its evil forces!!  Happy hunting!!

7 thoughts on “An Oldie but Goodie, A Look at Gwylan’s Stand

  1. Gwylans Stand is one of mine & my partners favourite missions 🙂 This life we ran that, The Pit & Tear of Dhakaan on hE when we hit level 9, with a 50% XP pot and got over 120K!


    • Yeah it is a great quest!! I want to write something up Tears of Dhakaan as well. The Pit, took some getting used to, but I do enjoy it more than I did when it first came out.


  2. Ahh gwylans stand, a great quest.. it was a nightmare the 1st time i went in there soloing on my monk though, as those containers weigh a TON & uncentered him. Haven’t played it recently though so don’t know if that’s been changed.


    • The containers do stack now, so your inventory isn’t affected as badly. They are still heavy, but you needn’t pick them all up at once, nor even go all the way into the cave to get them. Pick up the handful before the swim, use them and come back. More crates (and the trolls that guard them) will respawn.


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