Adventures and Activities Over the Past Week, April 14th to 17th

Over the past week, I basically ran characters in the level 20 to 21 range or in the level 8 to 11 range.  My adventures this week started out early on Monday (April 14th) with my normal slayer runs.  I logged on with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) and took him into the Ruins of Gianthold (Heroic).  Like Garrrin, I want to finish up that slayer area on heroic and then tackle it on epic later.  So I ran Larrs around Gianthold and took a few jarilith’s, Zakaya cultists, and fire giants before I headed off to work.  After work, for afternoon run prior to dinner, I brought on my main character Erdrique.  Erdrique (still working as a druid) is level 9 at the moment but fast approaching level 10.  I took him into Searing Heights and collected his last two rare encounters (Cruor Russo and Guck, who are usually the first two I find most of the time) to complete the zone and then took him into Stromvauld’s Mine where I had a fun time locating the dead engineers and taking on the drow.  After I completed my run through of Stromvauld’s Mine I logged to make dinner and to spend some time with my wife.  I logged back on later that night and was scheduled to play Erdrique once again.  This time I took him into the Caverns of Korromar and have a fun time taking on the undead dwarves and did great all the way up until I got to the end beholder…where I was then killed with a single disintegrate.  However, once I got back up I took him out and all of his blackbone buddies .  I was also a little distracted because I was playing my Monday night digital PNP game.  After the run through Caverns of Korromar, I called it a night.

Larrs being tripped by a jarility in GH photo LarrsbeingtrippedbyjarilithinGH_zps52a8db13.jpg
Larrs getting tripped by a jarilith.

Erdrique finally finding Cruor Rosso photo ErdriquefinallyfindingCruorRosso_zps5b31b02d.jpg
Erdrique finally locating his last two rares in Searing Heights.

Taking on a monarch scorpion in Stromvauld's Mine photo TakingonaMonarchScorpioninStromvauldsMine_zps4bef55dd.jpg
Erdrique taking on a monarch scorpion in Stromvauld’s Mine.

Fighting the undead in Caverns of Korromar photo FightingtheundeadinCavernsofKorromar_zpsf0404a3f.jpg
Erdrique fighting the undead in Korromar.

On Tuesday, I started the day with a character from my premium account, Containment (Level 3 Cleric).  I took him into Cerulean Hills for my morning slayer runs and then headed out to work.  I was scheduled to play Hamllin after work for my afternoon run, so I took him into Delera’s Graveyard to start the Delera’s Tomb Story Arc.  I got some help from Twotoe and we had an easy time blasting our way through the undead ranks.  After that run, I logged out for dinner and then logged back on later that night with Lorrikk (Level 11 Monk).  I started the Sentinel of Stormreach chain with him and took into Searing Heights and into the Bargain of Blood and then into the Black Loch where he easily dispatched the Blood Tide pirates.  After that, I had to call it a night.

Containment venturing into the Hills photo ContainmentventuringintheHills_zps251a3bed.jpg
Containment exploring the Cerulean Hills.

Kanndar staring down the line of skeleton archers photo Kanndarstaringdownthelineofskeletonarchers_zps14d2ab87.jpg
Hamllin exploring the mysteries of Delera’s Tomb.

Lorrikk looking at the peak in Searing Heights photo LorrikklookingatthetoweringpeakinSearingHeights_zps6330ee79.jpg
Lorrikk looking at the peak in Searing Heights.

Lorrikk taking on the Blood Tide in the Bargain Bazaar photo LorrikktakingontheBloodTideintheBargainBazaar_zps795589b4.jpg
Lorrikk fighting the Blood Tide in the Bargain Bazaar.

 photo HavingfunintheBlackLoch_zps5834808d.jpg
Lorrikk having some fun in the Black Loch.

Wednesday morning I logged on with Lorrikk again and continued with my pirate theme.  However, I took him into Three Barrel Cove.  He still needs a  few more slayers and a few more rare encounters before he maxes out that area.  So I got some slayer kills in prior to the hot fix.  I didn’t log in after that for the rest of the day, as I spent the rest of the afternoon and that night with my beautiful wife for date night .

Getting ready to deal with the scorpion in Three Barrel Cove photo GettingreadytodealwithscorpioninThreeBarrelCove_zps312593bb.jpg
Lorrikk dealing with the cove scorpions in Three Barrel Cove.

I logged back on Thursday morning with Charlock (Level 13 Fighter) and took him into Sorrowdusk Isle for my morning slayer runs.  After collecting a few more slayers (mainly ogres and trolls), I logged off to head to work.  I didn’t log back into later that night with Garrrin (Level 21 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild).  Garrrin just recently completed the Web of Chaos chain, so I started the Sentinels of Stormreach chain with him next.  I took on Bargain of Blood and the Black Loch on epic normal.  I brought along his onyx panther, a level 21 Favored Soul/Exalted Angel, and his level 17 owlbear.  I didn’t have any issues with either quest. I’m looking forward to getting him to level 22 so that he can use an epic greataxe.  Currently he is still using a much lower level greataxe, mainly because I can’t find a better one and I didn’t feel like farming to build a greensteel.  After those runs, I logged for the night.

Charlock gazing at the Temploe of the Six in Sorrowdusk Isle photo CharlockgazingattheTempleoftheSixinSorrowduskIsle_zps1d02b8e8.jpg
Charlock gazing up at the Temple of the Six in Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo GarrrinnoticingthestandardoftheBloodTide_zpsd81d4a0f.jpg
Garrrin taking note of the standard in the Bargain Bazaar.

 photo GarrrinhittinguptheBlackLoch_zps25234880.jpg
Garrrin hitting up the Black Loch on epic normal.

So that was pretty much the highlights of my runs this past week.  On Thursday night, after I logged out with Garrrin, I did some character maintenance with some of my other characters.  I’m currently working on a new system to help organize my “inventory” across all of my characters.  Basically I’m going to assign each character a specific type of gear and have them “hold” that gear.  I then plan on tracking that gear through the use of spreadsheets.  I’m hoping this will allow me to cut down on the amount of “duplicate” items I have as well as to help do some better planning.  However, it is taking me forever to get everything situated.  But I’ll get there…

Thanks for reading everybody and I hope everybody else had a productive week!!  Now get back into DDO to do some hunting!!  Later all!!


2 thoughts on “Adventures and Activities Over the Past Week, April 14th to 17th

  1. All these hires, pets, and summons – they suck a$$. However, as long as you stick to EN as your standard difficulty, you shouldn’t have any issues. But if you are having issues on EN, well, nothing can rectify that…


  2. While I agree that the hires, pets, and summons can use some work, they are very helpful in many circumstances I tend to use them primarily for cheap healing and aggro management. So of the summons are really useful, such as those from the Shard of Xoriat. As for doing quests on Epic Normal, I primarily do that at the moment because I’m not geared out as well I should be and I have played DDO long enough to understand where my limitations are. Sometimes I do have some problems on Epic Normal, but this is mainly because it is on a character that I’m really strong at playing or because I don’t know the quest extremely well.


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