Questing over the Easter Weekend, April 18-20

My quest runs over the Easter Holiday weekend were relatively light compared to my usual weekend runs.  I had Good Friday off from work, so I didn’t do a typical slayer run like I would on a normal Friday.  However, I did log on with a few of my characters throughout the day, bound and determined to take it easy on Good Friday, and played around with their inventory.  See I have this grand scheme concocted that will take some time to get in place but once it does, I hope all of my inventory issues will be taken care of.  So I really didn’t get any questing in until Friday night when I logged on with Erdrique (Level 10 Druid) and decided to take him through the Sentinel of Stormreach chain (Bargain of Blood, The Black Loch, Storm the Beaches, and The Tide Turns).  I completed all of the quests on elite without much difficulty, using only my hireling, my pet (Fang), and a summoned monsters.  I was afraid that the traps in Bargain of Blood and in The Tide Turns would cause me some issues but I had no problems bypassing them for the most part.  Although my cleric hireling didn’t fair so well in the traps in The Tide Turns.  The only other hitch I ran into was the annoying lag that I always get while running The Black Loch when I enter the pirate ship lagoon.  Not sure what it is, probably some drawback issues or something, but I always wind up getting a good amount of lag in there.  But besides that the quests ran really smoothly.  I called a night after that chain.

Erd and his gang taking on the Bargain Bazaar photo ErdandhisgangtakingontheBargainBazaar_zps9b8d190d.jpg
Erdrique and his gang in the Bargain Bazaar.

Erd fighting the pirates in the Black Loch photo ErdfightingthepiratesintheBlackLoch_zps70771a30.jpg
Erdrique fighting the pirates and zombies in the Black Loch.

Moon reflecting behind the spirit caller in Storm the Beaches photo MoonreflectingbehindtheSpiritcallerinStormtheBeaches_zps2aca1a3b.jpg
Erdrique fighting a spirit caller in Storm the Beaches.

Smug Captain Tew photo SmugCaptainTew_zpsd902c7c2.jpg
Erdrique gazing at the smug Captain Tew.

Now, I didn’t actually plan on logging in on Saturday night, as I have started a new thing where I decided to spend every third Saturday night of the month relaxing with my wife and watching the plethora of movies that are awaiting us on our Netflix list.  However, she had to unexpectedly go into work which allowed me to pop into DDO for a little while.  So I brought Erdrique back on decided to just focus on his next slayer area: Sorrowdusk Isle.  I ran through the zone a few times and during my adventuring through the jungles of the Isle, Hellbanisher logged in.  He found some time to hit some runs as well and was working hard to get his main character up to level 20 to do another heroic TR.  We chatted for awhile and then I had to log out as I had received a call from my wife letting me know that she was done with her shift and heading home.  At that point Hellbanisher headed into the Shroud hoping to get what he needed to finish off a greensteel greatsword.

Erdrique surveying the Sorrowdusk Isle photo ErdriquesurveyingtheSorrowduskIlse_zpsb10d2e94.jpg
Erdrique surveying Sorrowdusk Isle.

On Easter Sunday, I had originally planned on logging in at around 10 pm EST.  I actually always plan on logging at that time on Sundays, but over the past few months I have found myself logging in at around 11 pm due to falling behind in other things, primarily in doing chores and getting my workout/run in.  Easter Sunday found no exception, as I was running behind once again and didn’t get a chance to log into DDO until close to 11 pm or so.  I brought on Cantlin (Level 11 Sorcerer) and took him into the Bloody Crypt.  Another guildie, Twotoe, joined me and we took on the Bloody Crypt on elite.  The one thing about the Bloody Crypt, besides the generous amount experience you receive on completion, is the large number of chests spread throughout the dungeon.  I was actually kind of glad about this because it prompted me to buy another backpack slot for Cantlin, who sorely needed it, and because the backpack slots happen to be on sale this week .  Twotoe and I had no problems running through the quest and I received well over 16,000 experience on its completion .  After that, I had to call it a night.

Roasted wight anybody? photo RoastedWightAnybody_zps0e293b7c.jpg
Cantlin roasting some wights for Twotoe.

So although the Easter weekend wasn’t as active for me in DDO as a typical weekend is, I still had some interesting runs logged.  I hope everybody else had a fun Easter weekend as well!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!


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