The Troglodytes’ Get and Old Grey Garl-Part 1

Today I wanted to talk about a small story arc that probably doesn’t get ran all that much because it is located in Three Barrel Cove.  The story arc I wanted write about is Garl’s Tomb.  Garl’s Tomb contains two quests: The Troglodytes’ Get and Old Grey Garl.  The quest giver is a pirate named Red Tom.  Red Tom is also located inside Three Barrel Cove.  Red Tom tells you that he has gotten into some deep water with a pirate named Skong.  Evidently Red Tom made some type of deal saying he could get to the legendary treasure of Old Grey Garl, but he didn’t expect to run into a clan of powerful troglodytes.  And that is where our characters fit in, to clear out the troglodytes in the part of the story arc, The Troglodytes’ Get.

Hamllin prepping for the Troglodyte Shaman photo HamllinpreppingfortheTroglodyteShaman_zps17453942.jpg
Hamllin starting the Troglodytes’ Get.

I have always liked the Troglodytes’ Get.  I took Hamllin through it last week as he was working on his level 6 quests.  Garl’s Tomb is located behind a beautiful waterfall, not far from the Wheeping Cove.  The tomb is more like an elaborate dungeon as opposed to a crypt.  In fact, you don’t come across any coffins until you are about half way through the area.  The beginning of the dungeon starts out as a cave with a few twists and turns.  There is a chest that is surrounded by a bunch of gargoyles, which promptly spawn as soon as the chest opens.  After you pass through a large rock sliding door, the cave turns more into a worked/built dungeon with an elaborate stairway and nicely done masonary work.  Eventually you come to a very large chamber, which the troglodytes are using as their main den, that has two catwalks spanning across it.  These catwalks are important because from these catwalks you can range two troglodyte casters without them being able to do anything to you, since their spells can reach you from the distance.  That main den contains a large number of pillars extending from the floor.  You have to travel along these pillars to get to two levers that open up a door that allows you to continue further on into the tomb.  At the bottom of the main den, the chieftain of the tribe, Zaokh, is waiting for you as well as another lever.  From that point the tomb eventually leads to a flooded room that has a single chest surrounded by troglodyte enemies.

Ranging away photo Rangingaway_zps38ab8ee6.jpg
Hamllin ranging a troglodyte warlock from the catwalk.

The point of the quest is driver the troglodytes out of the tomb by destroying their clutch, forcing them to abandon the dungeon.  The majority of the enemies are troglodytes.  The warlock and shamans are particularly nasty.  The warlock really enjoy hitting you with slow and hold monster and like to shoot fireballs.  The shamans also have some fun hitting with a few variety of spells as well.  Zaokh is actually guarded by a few casters (shamans and warlocks) but these can actually be ranged from the top of the pillars if needed (as well as Zaokh).  The end fight, in the flooded room, can be quite challenging if you don’t know about it before hand.  There is only path avenue to take in the flooded room (aside from swimming) along a wooden bridge that leads to the center of the room.  The room has a plethora of a casters (both warlocks and shamans), with a warlock on each side of the room on smaller islands that are not connected to the main island in the center of the room.  It is wise to range these two casters from afar and then to bring the rest of the enemies to you.

Troglodyte warlock in Troglodyte's Get photo TroglodyteWarlocksintheTroglodytesGet_zpsdd9b769c.jpg
Hamllin dealing with troglodyte warlock in the last room of the Troglodyte’s Get.

One thing that always intrigued me about this quest is how the troglodytes got there to begin with.  I’m wondering if the necromancer’s (who you meet in the next quest in story arc, which takes place in the tomb as well) made a deal with troglodytes to help protect Old Grey Garl’s secrets.  I’m not sure on that.  We don’t encounter any other troglodytes in Three Barrel Cove, so why did they settle here? 

In either case, first quest in the Old Grey Garl story arc is interesting.  It doesn’t give out a lot of experience but it can be challenging to get through.  One thing to remember, is that the first two monsters you always fight are not troglodytes but are slimes instead.  I’m wondering how this quest will change with the revamp to Three Barrel Cove.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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