Festival of the Traveler Results

Well, this year’s Festival of the Traveler has come and gone .  I took some time, as I have mentioned in my previous blog posts about my runs last week, running the festival with some of my characters.  In particular, I ran Erdrique, Hamllin, Rimuldar, and Wapoyei at least once through the my typical route in search of the eggs left behind by the Traveler.  Below is a list of rewards I received by character:

Sovereign I Experience Elixir – Erdrique
50 Gold Seal Elixirs of Improved Healing – Rimuldar, Erdrique, Hamllin, Wapoyei

+3 Anarchic Sickle of Humanoid Bane – Erdrique
+3 Shock  Bastard Sword of Bloodletting – Erdrique
Deadly Goggles of Spellsight +5 – Erdrique
+2 Soundproof Feycraft Scalemail of Hammerblock – Erdrique
+3 Frostproof Feycraft Scalemail of Spearblock – Erdrique
Charismatic +1 Cursed Necklace of Inner Focus +13 – Erdrique
Proof Against Poison +6 Belt of Dodge 4% – Erdrique
+2 Shrieking Battleaxe of Bloodletting – Erdrique
+1 Shrieking Bastard Sword of Ghostbane – Erdrique
Goggles of Accuracy – Erdrique
+4 Retributive Robe of Spearblock – Erdrique
Shockproof Ring – Erdrique
Fireproof Gloves of Escape +5 – Erdrique
Deadly Cursed Cloak of Accuracy – Erdrique
+2 Holy Shortbow of Reposte – Erdrique
+2 Shock Heavy Mace of Feeding – Erdrique
Deadly Goggles of Resistance + 3 – Erdrique
+2 Icy Burst Longsword of Natural Bane – Erdrique
+2 Acid Kama of Everbright – Erdrique
+2 Acid Dagger of Stunning – Erdrique
+3 Retributive Magecraft Shield of Deathblock – Hamllin
Deadly Goggles of Resistance +3 – Hamllin
Dexterous +3 Gloves of Dodge 5% – Hamllin
+3 Retributive Magecraft Breastplate of Deathblock – Hamllin
+2 Upgrade Tome of Tumble (Tumble +1 to +2) – Hamllin
+2 Retributive Magecraft Docent of Vitality – Hamllin
+3 Retributive Outfit of Deathblock – Hamllin
+2 Flaming Shortsword of Draining – Hamllin
Shockproof Gloves of False Life +20 – Hamllin
+1 Soundproof Magecraft Breastplate of Axeblock – Hamllin
Soundproof Goggles of Accuracy – Hamllin
Wise +5 Goggles – Hamllin
Fireproof Glove of Dodge 8% – Rimuldar
+5 Frost Khopesh of Bloodletting – Rimuldar

I was disappointed that I only got one experience potion from my blessing turn ins, but I did get a plethora of gold seal improved healing potions.  I also surprised to see the upgrade Tumble Skill tome in the standard turn ins as well.  Not bad for the event and I was able to use up all of the old tokens Erdrique had saved as well as his blessings, now I don’t need to worry about them while doing another heroic true reincarnation.

Erd soaring for a silver egg photo Erdsorryforasilveregg_zpsd1d0abea.jpg
Erdrique participating in the Festival of the Traveler.

I hope everybody else had some nice turns.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!

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