Quest Entrance to the Haunted Library

There are numerous quests in DDO, with some quests having more memorable entrances compares to others.  The door way to the Temple of the Six is an example of such a memorable entrance.  Well, another memorable entrance that fits the quest is the one for the Haunted Library.  Haunted Library is a level 8 quest found in House Jorasco.  The quest giver is Menos Xuekaine who is located in the Drowning Sorrows Tavern.  Menos basically enlists you to recover three powerful tomes (which detail the secrets of necromancy from his former teacher) from his once house that is now overrun with powerful undead mobs.  The quest entrance is quite interesting.

Erdrique noticing the quest entrance for the Haunted Library photo ErdriquenoticingthequestentrancetoHauntedLibrary_zps0b32c357.jpg
Erdrique staring at the Haunted Library.

The quest entrance to the Haunted Library is across the lake from the Drowning Sorrow Tavern with a huge pillar laying just adjacent to it.  If you look closely, you can see the building has spider/cob webs sprinkled around its features and has a set of sparse vegetation that looks quite unkept besides the doors.  The building itself is also quite imposing looking to be built right in the wall of the enclave.  Definitely fits the description for a quest called Haunted Library and give you the impression that something not very friendly is definitely inside.

Just another aspect of detail I like to see in the game.  Well that is it for now everybody.  Thanks for reading and happy questing!! 


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