The Shrouded Vale and the Faithful Departed

Not too long ago, I wrote up blog post concerning the quest, Faithful Departed.  I don’t want to rehash what I already talked about in that post but want to focus on some other interests I have that pertain to the quest and entrance zone it is located in, The Shrouded Vale.  I just reran the Faithful Departed with Erdrique and some random thoughts enter my mind.  If you have never ran through the Faithful Departed, then you might not know that you have to run through a mini explorer area to get to the quest, known as the Shrouded Vale.  Mini explorer zone is quite pretty and interesting.

 photo ErdexploringtheShroudedVale_zpsc584d6b9.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Shrouded Vale.

This mini explorer area appears to be some distance away as you are being teleported to this area by a Farshifter (I’m sure the storyline explains some of this and I don’t remember it off hand).  The mini-explorer area is actually pretty decently sized and has a little amount of experience associated with it you hunt down all of the drow roaming around the area.  The area itself is a jungle oriented landscape with a large hill which the Tomb of the Anicents is located with a small river running along the base of the hill.  It is evident that the area is larger but you can’t explore any more of the area. 

 photo OdonisteleportsyoutotheShroudedVale_zpscad47876.jpg
Odonis will teleport you to the Shrouded Vale.

 photo LookingattheRiverintheShroudedVale_zpsda8278ae.jpg
Looking out over the river in the Shrouded Vale.

One thing that I would find interesting is to learn more about this unique landscape.  Why is the The Tomb of the Ancients located here?  What type of other creatures are present in the Shrouded Vale?  Where is the drow staging area/encampment?  Basically, I think it would be pretty cool to see this area turned into a larger full fledged explorer zone.

 photo EntrancetotheTomboftheAncients_zpse0923a79.jpg
Erdrique in front of the Tomb of the Ancients.

It would also be pretty neat to learn from the lore that you find by exploring the Shrouded Vale more about the Undying Court.  If you aren’t sure what the Undying Court is a type of religious order for the elves of Eberron who have developed away to participate and live on in undead form once their natural life expires.  However, they are wise, powerful, and peaceful creatures, unlike the followers of Vol (Vol being the vampires).  As an adventurer in Stormreach, we know very little about this order accept for Avanti (quest giver of Faith Departed) has told us.

 photo TryingtoprotectmembersofUndyingCourt_zps3b27769a.jpg
Erdrique trying to protect the members of the Undying Court in the Tomb of the Ancients.

 photo FightingtheDrowinFaithfulDeparted_zps23907af6.jpg
Taking on the drow in the Tomb of the Ancients.

I wonder how this order works and why aren’t the members of the church of Vol initiating this attack….or are they?  Hm..

I just think it would be cool to see this storyline explored a little more and wonder if our adventurers will ever get a chance to see more of the Shrouded Vale.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


One thought on “The Shrouded Vale and the Faithful Departed

  1. I really wish Turbine would put their focus more heavily on Eberron. They’ve done some innovative stuff for FR and I’d like to see DDO’s original realm developed more.


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