You Have to Love the Pit

For most people, the Pit is just one of those quests.  You typically either love the Pit or you simply hate it.  The Pit is one of the most difficult quests to complete at level.  It is only a level 7 quest on normal (making it a level 9 elite) but it is riddled with some deadly traps, some puzzles, powerful troglodyte casters, requires a large amount of twitch skill ability (better known as the Mario skills), and is laid out in a rather confusing map.  Not too long Shamgar did a walk through of the Pit on DDOCast (DDOCast 316). 

Well this past weekend, the Pit was one of the few level 7 quests I still needed to complete with Erdrique (Level 10 Druid).  Even though I was level 10, I knew I would still get quite a bit of experience upon completion on elite (I just wouldn’t be granted the bravery bonus).  Another guildie was on at the time, Tragicc, and I asked him if he wanted to join me for this run and it was up for it. 

The quest is actually located in House Deneith behind the Anvil Hire Inn and is bestowed by Vargus d’Deneith.  Bascially Vargus enlists you to restart the machinery in the Pit to get the sewer system back on line.  It has been invaded by a powerful clan of troglodytes that need to be taken care of as well.  He basically doesn’t think you can do it…and for good reason. 

 Stunning an apprentice in The Pit photo StunninganapprenticeinThePit_zpsad2d7a57.jpg Erdrique walking the catwalks in the Pit and fighting troglodyte casters (preachers, apprentices, and warlocks). 

Now if you know nothing else about the Pit, just remember to be patient.  To navigate through the quest, it takes a lot of double back on previous paths and then navigating through the catwalks and pipes in the furnace rooms can be equally frustrating.  What I have found is that if you try to rush through the furnace rooms you tend to fall off the slender pipes more often.  The furnace rooms are where your Mario skills get put to the test and where you are typically assaulted by fire elementals and casters.  Most of the time using invisibility potions or scrolls help in controlling this aggro until you can get to the levers that entrap the elementrals once again.  You must also use caution when you hit the room that requires you to start one of the electrical facilities.  This particular room is laden with random electricity bolts that fire from one pillar to another and require you to throw a number of switches to reactive the room.  These are perhaps the most frustrating portions of the quest, besides the last fight.

However, if you are patient you can generally pull through these rooms.  Although we Tragicc and I did die a few times, particularly in the lighting room and at the end fight, we did manage to pull through it.  And it was worth the run and the few hours it took to get through it.  I netted nearly 25k from the run. 

Overall, the Pit is a challenging quest, no doubt about it.  When it was first released, I couldn’t stand it.  However, now I appreciate it for what it is.  It definitely isn’t one of my favorite quests, but I’m not afraid to take in on either.  Well, thanks for reading.  Its time to log back in and to try another run.  Later everybody, and happy hunting!!!


7 thoughts on “You Have to Love the Pit

  1. 🙂 I’m not a big fan of the pit cause it’s just long, and still confusing, as I don’t run it much. I did lead my guildie through it with the help of the wiki map last time, but it was still slow. Probably if I was to run it more and learn it off by heart I’d appreciate it more. Sort of like coal chamber.


    • There is no doubt that it is long. The thing that frustrates me about the Pit is climbing around in the pipes and cat walks, once you get that down in the various furnace rooms then the rest of quest is ‘ok’. I get really annoyed with the security system though, being forced to turn on those force traps well before you are ready to finish the quest is really annoying.


  2. Although it makes this long quest go by longer, stealth is an advantage here in the furnace rooms. You can avoid a lot of things attacking you. The downside is that you’re buffless by the end fight and, if you’ve dragged a cleric hireling into your torment, they’ll either zerg themselves to death or have drained themselves of healing power for you. I still prefer stealth—and DAMMIT! You’re going to make me take my elven AA into there at level 9!


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  4. Like most old school DDO quests, I like this one a lot. Being totally unconcerned with xp/min, BB and all that gives me continuous opportunities to enjoy myself in any quest and at any or level.


  5. Love it, love it, love it. Great XP at level and a quest that once you have that eureka moment and get it, becomes an absolute joy to speed run with a friend. We had a Pit Challenge in our guild for soloing the quest, the best time booked was 16:29 – Dimension Door and Shadow Walk are your friends 🙂


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