The Weekend in Review, May 2nd to May 4th

Well the weekend was primarily centered around two pretty difficult and time consuming quests with Erdrique (Level 10 Druid): The Pit and Xorian Cipher.  However, prior to those interesting runs, the weekend started with a morning slayer run with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) who ventured into the King’s Forest prior to heading out to work.  After collecting some slayers for a short time I headed out to work.  After work, I logged Erdrique on and took him into Taming the Flames on elite and prior to that I took him into Sorrowdusk Isle to collect some slayers.  I was expecting on having some issues with Taming the Flames but it went fairly well with no deaths besides my hireling.  I even collected the optional for the fire elementals and as a result I received a monster manual award as well .  After those runs, I logged out until later that night.  When I logged back on Friday night, I decided to work on The Pit.  The Pit happened to be the last level 7 quest I needed and I knew it would take me a while to get through it.  Before I headed into the dungeon I went back into Sorrowdusk Ilse and collected some more slayers hoping to find my last rare encounter.  As I was working my way through Sorrowdusk, Tragicc logged on and I asked him if he wanted to help with the Pit.  We then entered on elite.  The beginning of the run was fine.  Tragicc and I didn’t have to many problems working our way through the first furnace room.  We really didn’t run into many problems until we hit the electricity room.  After a few miss times with the electricity traps we eventually made our way past that room.  We didn’t have any other real problems until the end fight, where we did get killed but we were able to get ourselves back up and to finish up the quest.  I still wound up getting well over 29 k for the run and I wasn’t receiving a bravery bonus (I was over level) and Tragicc received enough experience to get to level 10.  Although the run was high in experience it was long in length.  After that run, I needed to head to bed and called it for a night.

Bright day in the King's Forest photo BrightdayintheKingsForest_zpsec79e170.jpg
Bright day in the King’s Forest.

Stunning an apprentice in The Pit photo StunninganapprenticeinThePit_zpsad2d7a57.jpg
Working in the Pit.

On Saturday, I grouped back up with Tragicc and I recommended trying another difficult run: A Path to Madness and Xorian Cipher on elite.  After taking a second to buff to the hilt we decided to head off…and promptly got slaughtered by the boneshrieker arcanes and drow clerics at the beginning fight which is one of the most difficult fights in the dang quest.  So we re grouped and headed back in and we were able to do a better job in pulling the monsters (which is what happened, we didn’t mean to spawn the entire set of mobs right then).  This time we made it through and had no problems getting to the quest entrance for Xorian Cipher.  So we entered Xorian Cipher on elite and had an…interesting..time, lol.  The first few fights were just fine but then we ran into some issues with the chaos orbs and the main room with the hidden door.  After being stunned by the shrieker archers and getting killed, I decided to release and to come back in.  After I rebuffed with the guild ship and ran back through A Path to Madness (this time on normal) and made my back into Xorian Cipher.  After that room, we made it through the rest of the quest with a few more deaths (mainly because Tragicc wasn’t familiar with some of the traps) but we regrouped and took it out.  After that run, Tragicc and I decided to do something much simpler: Stormcleave.  The Stormcleave run went extremely smoothly, especially after the Xorian Cipher run.  After that run, I had to log for the night.

Erd and Fang fighting a Bonesrieker Harrier in A Path to Madness photo ErdandFangfightingaBoneshriekerHarrieinAPathtoMadness_zpsdbefebb8.jpg
Fighting a bone shrieker in A Path to Madness.

Good ol' Xorian Cipher photo GoodolXorianChipher_zps00997ff8.jpg
Good ol’ Xorian Cipher.

Exploring Stormcleave photo ExploringStormcleave_zpsc713bcd4.jpg
Erdrique enjoying a run through Stormcleave.

On Sunday, I was scheduled to bring on Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) who still needed to find the quest, Thrill of the Hunt in Wheloon Prison.  So I took Larrs in there and used the map on the DDOwiki to find the quest entrance.  I was quite surprised to come across the beholders in the Wheloon Prison, Eye of Shadows, which actually caused some issues.  Eventually I made my way to the quest entrance and ran the Thrill of the Hunt.  This was the first time I tried this quest, and I already have had some difficult times with the shadar-kai so I went in on normal to learn the quest.  I really didn’t have many problems and though the quest interesting.  After that run, I called it a night.

 photo FightinganEyeofShadow_zps5c1e7684.jpg
Larrs and his gang taking on an eye of shadow in Wheloon Prison.

 photo FightingahowlerintheMerchantsTownhouse_zps6a3d0d28.jpg
Larrs fighting a howler in the Thrill of the Hunt.

So the weekend was quite, interesting, lol.  The runs through The Pit, Xorian Cipher, and Wheloon Prison were enlightening but fun needless to say.  I hope everybody else had a fun weekend as well!!


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