The Thrill of the Hunt

Over the weekend, I finally got my bard, Larrs (Level 20), into the quest The Thrill of the Hunt.  It took me two runs through the Wheloon Prison to actually find the quest.  The first time I tried to find the quest, I had ventured way to far to the south of the prison and this time I finally made my way to the north of the entrance where I was quite surprised to run into an Eye of Shadow.  I knew I would run into the Shadar-kai (which I greatly underestimated and lamented as they killed me during my first encounter with them, rather embarrasingly).  I eventually came across the quest entrance and looked forward to trying this quest, as I haven’t been through it before.

Fighting an Eye of Shadow in Wheloon photo FightinganEyeofShadow_zps5c1e7684.jpg
Larrs and his make shift group fighting an Eye of Shadow in Wheloon prison on their way to The Thrill of the Hunt.

Since I didn’t really know what to expect from this quest, I entered on normal (Level 16 quest even though I was level 20).  I didn’t really care about experience so much as learning what the quest looked like in design and layout and to determine what type of enemies I would encounter.  The quest layout was interesting.  If you haven’t done the Thrill of the Hunt, it is locate north of the entrance to Wheloon Prison inside the Merchant’s Townhouse.  The quest giver is Hargrove Jalt who is located on the Wheloon Docks right outside of the prison.  Your goal is to kill a treacherous Shadar-kai assassin who has kidnapped two magistrates. 

Lass exploring the Thrill of the Hunt photo LarrsexploringtheThrilloftheHunt_zps50715d70.jpg
Larrs starting to explore the Merchant’s Townhouse.

The quest length is relatively short in my opinion, although it is labeled a medium size quest.  This might be because I didn’t explore the entire building, I’ll have to take some more time in their to explore all of the rooms.  To progress in the quest you need to find two keys, which I didn’t seem to have much difficulty finding.  The keys were in rooms with sleeping or resting Shadar-kai which I just rudely woke up and killed.  Besides the Shadar-kai, I only ran across some shadows until I got to the end fight (although my memory is a little fuzzy, I might have ran into some howlers prior to then). 

Larrs exploring the Merchant's Townhouse photo LarrsexploringtheMerchantsTownhouse_zps980e9fa3.jpg
Larrs making his way through the Merchant’s Townhouse.

Larrs taking on the Shadar-kai assassins photo LarrstakingontheShadar-kaiassassins_zps04faaa26.jpg
Larrs and his gang taking on the Shadar-kai assassins in their attempts to locate the keys.

The optional rescues of the magistrates I thought was an interesting part of the storyline.  I had no problem rescuing the first magistrate but during the last night I lost the second magistrate.  I thought it was curious that Karleth could use his chain whip attack through a cage door and inflict damage on the second magistrate.  I remember being able to do the same thing through gates, walls, and doors with firewalls and blade barriers but you can’t really do that anymore (at least not effectively) yet here he have this named baddie doing just that…just a little unfair in my opinion. 

Taking on Karleth photo TakingonKarleth_zps7c9b6714.jpg
Larrs taking on Karleth.

Besides the unfair advantage of Karleth being able to hit the magistrate through the locked door, the last fight wasn’t too interesting.  I expected to be attacked by howlers or something else when the last fight started so I wasn’t surprised to see them.  Using my Otto’s Ball, I was able to make them dance..then again I was only doing this on heroic normal…I can imagine this fight being much more difficult on epic settings.  Well eventually I’ll get there .

Making the howlers dance photo Makingthehowlersdance_zps1678f23e.jpg
Making the howlers dance.

Overall, The Thrill of the Hunt was an interesting quest.  However, I think I like Friends in Low Places and A Lesson in Deception better. For some reason, I had an extremely tough time locating this quest, I’m hoping the quest won’t be that bad to find, I’ll just make sure I have the map opened from the DDO Wiki to help.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “The Thrill of the Hunt

  1. on elite, if you dont have some kind of aoe ( otiluke, fireball..) you will have a very rough time killing the howlers, they easily droop your wis and make you helpless for a long time


  2. Yes, those howlers do nasty WIS stat damage. On Monks, it won’t make them helpless since we have high WIS but it will damage our abilities. I prefer to use ranged attacks on the little bastards or ask the mages in party to open up their whoopass cans and chug.


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