Name of the Volcano in Searing Heights

I took Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) into the Searing Heights earlier in the week and wondered what is the name of the great volcanic peak in the pretty landscape. 

Kanndar looking at the peak in Searing Heights photo KanndarlookingatthepeakinSearingHeights_zpscaa411da.jpg
Kanndar staring at the volcanic peak in the Searing Heights.

I don’t remember coming across the name of the volcanic mountain while running around and fighting the Bloodtide pirates and Sulatar drow.  So I started to wonder what a good name for this mountain would be: Mt. Pyro, Mt. Doom, the Blazing Peak, etc..  I wonder what the Sulatar word is for “volcano”…

So what do you think is the name of this active and dangerous volcano?  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

4 thoughts on “Name of the Volcano in Searing Heights

  1. Probably the drow word for volcano would be Ghourn Chath as it means fire mountain. If they have a better translation for “Volcano” i dont know it

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  2. I think the name should be something that translates into “Holy shit, that’s an active frikkin’ VOLCANO outside the city walls!” Visions of Pompeii come to mind.

    And killing the Drow there is now more justified than ever. Stop encouraging the volcano gods!


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