Enjoying Smuggler’s Rest and Cystal Cove!!

I have always enjoyed running around Smuggler’s Rest and Crystal Cove.  During this particular go-round with Crystal Cove, I want to try to upgrade Kolll’s (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) Ring of the Buccaneer.  I had originally picked up the Level 20 version of the Ring of the Buccaneer when Kolll was still level 18.  Kolll is now level 21 and so now I want to try to get ring upgraded and maybe re-outfit his other pieces of gear.  So into Smuggler’s Rest and the Crystal Cove I go!!   

Kolll studying the haze of Smuggler's Rest photo KolllstudyingthehazeofSmugglersRest_zps12bdbbeb.jpg
Kolll studying the haze of Smuggler’s Rest.

Crystal Cove was restarted this past Thursday and I wasted no time running into Smuggler’s Rest.  I had actually quested with Kolll that night and took him through the Claw of Vulkoor on Epic Normal with little difficulty.  Once I made it through it there I decided to take my chances out in the Cove.  I was happy to see when I got to Smuggler’s Rest that Crystal Cove was currently open and active.  I looked to see if I had a compass and when I didn’t I looked to see if I could “buy” one.  I had plenty of doubloons so it wasn’t a problem.  Into the Cove I went!!

Kolll portecting the kobold in Crystal Cove photo KolllprotectingthekoboldsinCrystalCove_zpsb09055aa.jpg
Kolll working to protect the kobold’s of the Crystal Cove.

Kolll taking care of business in Crystal Cove photo KollltakingcareofbusinessinCrystalCove_zpsc614983e.jpg
Kolll taking care of business in the Crystal Cove.

I entered the Crystal Cove on level 20 since I only had my hirelings with me (Onyx Panther, Level 21 Exalted Angel, and Level 17 Owlbear).  I was expecting on having some trouble in here since it had been awhile since I have run some torches (haven’t done the Cannith Challenges in awhile either) but I was pleasantly surprised because I was able to get the kobolds to harvest 100 crystals in a relatively short amount of time.  I didn’t run into too much difficulty in protecting the kobolds either.  At least not until after I got a 100 crystals.

Kolll holding for reinforcements photo Kolllholdingforreinforcements_zpsd95ca934.jpg
Kolll holding for his reinforcements in the Cove.

Fighting Gregoir the Mighty photo FightingGregoirtheMighty_zps8d5fcf15.jpg
Kolll dealing with Gregoir the Mighty and Jack Jibbers at the same time…not good…lol

After I had the 100 crystal mark, I had to deal with Gregoir the Might and Jack Jibbers (the powerful wraith).  I actually messed up at this point because I didn’t have deathward on, which Jack Jibbers took full advantage of.  Before I knew it, I was taking massive negative levels and suffered from a nice, nasty Finger of Death.  I got myself raised and applied deathward and took out my revenge.

Once the time ran out, I received about 68 green dragonshards and was back hunting in Smuggler’s Rest.  I really enjoy running around the landscape.  I like the pirate flags, camps, hidden alcoves, and spawns.  I ran around taking on minotaurs and half-orcs and got myself a number of more doubloons and a few compasses.

Bring it on Minotaur photo BringonMinotaur_zps28b67d49.jpg
Bring it on minotaur.

Kolll taking in Smuggler's Rest photo KollltakinginSmugglersRest_zps07ea71ec.jpg
Kolll stumbling across a pirate camp in Smuggler’s Rest.

On Friday, I brought Kolll back on late and took him back into Smuggler’s Rest.  This time 1,000 map pieces were still needed to open the Cove so I helped by gathering some pieces from my kills on the island and the Cove opened about an hour later.  I took Kolll back inside at level 20 again and came out with no deaths and another victory, another 65 green dragonshards.  Also, during my run through the Smuggler’s Rest I came across a red named pirate: Bane Captain Bluebeard

 photo KolllandBaneCaptainBluebeardexhangingpleasantries_zps4f1aecd7.jpg
Kolll and Bane Captain Bluebeard are exchanging pleasantries…

So far, the Crystal Cove has been quite fun and I look forward to working at some more this week before it is turned off.  I hope everybody else is having as much fun as I am and I wish you all good luck and happy hunting out in Smuggler’s Rest and the Crystal Cove!!


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