A Little Late But a Look Back at Last Weekend’s Runs, May 9th to May 11th

Well, I’m a little behind in my blogging this week .  I had a business trip that has prevented me from staying on top of my usual schedule.  Have to love it when things such as that through a wrench into things.  I’m actually going to write about the trip with respect to playing DDO next so I won’t dwindle too much on it.  With that said, I wanted to go ahead and do my typical weekend rundown from last week even this coming weekend right around the corner.

Last Friday, my adventuring began with my morning slayer runs in the Ruins of Gianthold with Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatespinger).  One of the reason why I’m still tackling the heroic level adventure areas with Larrs and Garrin is to keep fresh in my mind their abilities.  I just don’t play them as much as Erdrique or Hamllin so this is the best way for me to keep their abilities and various attacks fresh in my mind.  The curse of having a large number of characters .  After I racked up some slayers, I then logged off to head to work.  After work, for what I call my mid-afternoon run (which occurs after work but before dinner) I logged in with Erdrique with ventured into Sorrowdusk Ilse to look for his last rare encounter, Noozer.  I also completed the next quest in the Cult of Six chain: The Temple Outpost: The Libram of the Six.  After that run, I logged out to make dinner and to spend some time with my wife.  I logged back on later Friday night, again with Erdrique, and took on the Tomb of the Shadow King on elite.  I actually had some difficulty with this quest at first, not with Erdrique per se, but with his hireling.  I did get through it on elite and was quite happy with the run, although it did take quite a bit of time.  When I was done with that run, I logged on with Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) who tackled the Crystal Cove and wracked up some green dragon shards for this ring.  I logged for the night shortly after.

Larrs fighting in the Stormeye photo LarrsfightingtheStormeye_zps697b3225.jpg
Larrs fighting in the Stormeye.

Finally finding Noozer photo FinallyfoundNoozer_zps52ed097e.jpg
Erdrique finally finding Noozer.

Erd burning up trolls in the Temple Outpost photo ErdburningtrollsintheTemploeOutpost_zps941523a5.jpg
Erdrique burning up trolls in the Temple Outpost.

Erd taking care of Dimmet in the Shadow King photo ErdtakingcareofDimmettintheShadowKing_zpsa2064929.jpg
Erdrique taking on Dimmet in Tomb of the Shadow King.

Kolll fighting the undead in the Cove photo KolllfightingtheundeadintheCove_zpsca15f08c.jpg
Kolll fighting the undead in the Crystal Cove.

On Saturday, I logged on with Erdrique and decided to take on the Tomb of the Shadow Knight.  I was worried initially because I didn’t have a way to disable the traps but luckily I was able to avoid the majority of them and I was able to complete it with little difficulty on elite .  After I made it through the Tomb of the Shadow Knight I went into Sorrowdusk Isle to finish up my slayers.  After that, I logged out and back in with Kolll to take on Crystal Cove and Smuggler’s Rest once again.  I did have enough green dragon shards and gems to upgrade Kolll’s Bucanneer Ring to Tier 1 so I was excited about that!!

Erdrique fighting Brume in the Tomb of the Shadow Knight photo ErdriquefightingBrumeinTomboftheShadowKnight_zpsfadc4d9a.jpg
Erdrique fighting Brume in the Tomb of the Shadow Knight.

Winter Wolf Erd against Hell Hound Teargon photo WinterWolfErdagainsHellHoundTeargon_zpsaa0ad173.jpg
Winter wolf vs Hell hound in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Kolll and Captain Blue beard exchanging pleasantries photo KolllandBaneCaptainBluebeardexhangingpleasantries_zps4f1aecd7.jpg
Kolll taking on Captain Bluebeard in Smuggler’s Rest.

Sunday I didn’t get to run too much.  I was scheduled to bring on Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) who still needs to complete the Bloody Crypt on elite.  However, to do that he has to reflag for it (so annoying!!!).  So I took him into the Tomb of the Sanguine Heart on elite and powered through it.  However, after that run I had to call it a night.

Kanndar taking on the servitors of the Sanguine Heart photo KanndartakingontheservitorsoftheSanguineHeart_zpsf3dfb04d.jpg
Kanndar taking care of business in the Tomb of the Sanguine Heart.

So the weekend was relatively light.  I did wind up upgrading Kolll’s ring in the Crystal Cove but unfortunately I haven’t been back in the Cove since then.  I still have some other things I would like to work with on other characters so I will probably get on their tonight before it gets turned down but I doubt I will be able to get anything else upgraded.  I was also able to get Erdrique through Sorrowudsk Isle and now I turn toward the Red Fens!!  Ok everybody, thanks for reading and happy hunting!!


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