DDO on the Run

During a given year, I probably go on travel out of town three or four times a year.  This would include vacations (such as Thanksgiving or Christmas) and work travel.  Now when I first started playing DDO back in 2006, I played in a laptop.  So I was easily able to play DDO while on “the run.”  However, I now have a much larger desktop that I use to play DDO which makes it cumbersome to continue playing while traveling.  However, with that said that is exactly what I do.  If I have to leave for travel for work and my wife can’t accompany me, then I disassemble my desktop and haul it into the car and take it with me to whatever hotel my out of town meeting is in.  I do the same thing if I go to visit my parents and sister down in Florida.

Hammy with a close up with a Skeleton Arcus photo HammywithacloseupwithaSkeletonArcus_zpsf37584dc.jpg
Taking Hammy through Delera’s during a mid-week trip for work by packing up my desktop and hauling it with me.

This was the case earlier this week.  Monday afternoon, I had to leave from coastal NC to head to Arlington, VA for a two-day meeting.  Unfortunately my wife couldn’t come with me, so away I went with my computer packed up with clothes and other work related items to the hotel.  Now I do admit that it does look a little funny when I arrive at the hotel and check-in and start to unload my car and people see me hauling my desktop computer around .  But it does show the level of my addiction (I suppose).  If I can’t spend the time with my wife, then I’m going to go ahead and spend some time assaulting the denizens of DDO while on my downtime during my work trip or during vacation when everybody else is gone to bed. 

The only problem with this scenario that I have found is generally finding a good internet connection.  For instance, this past Monday I lost a lot of time while trying to figure out how to connect to the hotel’s wifi.  For some reason, the wifi wasn’t extending into my room.  It abruptly ended about five feet into my room so I couldn’t pick it up with my wireless card.  Then I noticed that the room also had an ethernet cord and then I was good to go.  In other instances though, I have actually had to pay to get internet access (particularly whenever I have to travel to Charleston, SC and stay in hotel downtown).  This become an obvious annoyance but one I typically eat so I can get in my game time.

In either case, I won’t let a simple thing like “traveling” to keep me from DDO!!   Happy hunting everybody, even if you have to go out of town and travel!!


One thought on “DDO on the Run

  1. Until recently I used only a laptop for play. The advantage was that it a Mac running Windows, which has great graphics power built-in. Now I’m back to a desktop; I’ll play DDO on traveling with the wife now on pain of death (mine!).


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