Perhaps the Creepiest Place to Live…Parthilcar Tower Crypt

I just took Hamllin (Level 8 Fighter) through Mirra’s Sleepless Nights yesterday and started to wonder a little bit about the tower itself.  Parthilcar Tower is actually the site of two different quests: Mirra’s Sleepless Nights and The Enemy Within.  Both quests have some pretty gruesome monsters in them which makes me wonder, is Parthilcar Tower perhaps the creepiest place to live in? 

Hamllin exploring Particar Tower Crypt photo HamllinexploringParthicarTowerCrypt_zps06860fec.jpgHamllin exploring the basement of Parthilcar Tower Crypt.  

I mean the tower itself maintains a pretty dry and gloomy crypt that is heavily trapped against grave robbers (at least I hope that is why the traps are there).  To top that off, it has this mystical blue barrier protected by a set of huge iron golems.  And then, in the quest The Enemy Within, we learn that the undead mobs behind the blue barrier are even more dangerous and evil and led by by group of fearsome mind flayers.  And to top that off, these mind flayers have been kidnapping nobles of the various houses and turning them against the other good people of Stormreach.

So let’s see.  We have a gloomy tower that resides on top of a creepy and haunted family crypt that is heavily trapped that is also on top of a deeper crypt that is housing even more powerful and dangerous undead monsters who are following the influence of evil and nasty mind flayers.  So, um..what could be more creepy that that?

I fell for Mirra…I would be sealing that place up and moving in to the next available place as soon as possible!! 

Well, until next time!!  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!


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