Remember to Never Go Into a Quest Unprepared

I have been playing DDO for a long time now and I still fall into that mantra of “not being prepared”.  This was never more evident that it was last night when I took Erdrique (Level 11 Druid) into The Jungle of Khyber (better known as VON 3).  I brought along another Crypt Crawler with me, Tragicc.  Tragicc is currently free-to-play so I bought him a pass so that he would come on in with me.  Not up to this point in Erdrique’s druid life, he has basically been using one weapon set, a Cannith Crafted khopesh, until he gets access to this greensteal khopesh at level 12.  Unfortunately, this didn’t get it for VON 3. 

As we entered into the pre-quest, Gateway to Khyber, I still didn’t think anything of it.  We breezed through all of the trolls and made our way into the Jungle of Khyber.  It wasn’t until we made it past the first shrine and blowing through a number of the Luridae Drow when I realized that I didn’t have my anarchic khopesh on me.  My heart dropped as I realized that the end fight with the Inevitable was going to be a very difficult one.  Top that off with the fact that Tragicc had never been in the quest before so he didn’t know what to expect and the fact that we both happened to have the same hireling (so only one of them could be used) are resources were going to be stretched.  But we continued on.  We did suffer a number of deaths even before reaching the end fight with inevitable.  We died a number of times against the named beholder, troll, and drow warrier when I failed to body pull just one, but we did push through it until we only had the Inevitable left to deal with.   

 photo ErdfightingaLuridaeRuffian_zps052be704.jpg
Erdrique fighting the Luridae drow in the Jungle of Khyber.

At first things were going well, we had the Inevitable down to more than 50% until I got stunned and the next thing I new, everything went awry.  I went ahead and bought a raise cake and a gold seal hireling from the DDO Store in hopes of salvaging the run.  I died once again and so did my hireling.  We both got stunned…go figure.  I bought another cookie and we progressed once again.  We had the Inevitable down below 50% again and got killed again.  Dejected I recalled, I couldn’t buy anymore cakes. 

After the fact, I now realize a number of things that I should have done that would have made the whole scenario that much easier.  First off, I should have been prepared.  I should have gotten the right weapon for the job.  Second, I should have made sure what hirelings we had.  Third, when I recalled, I should have picked up my anarchic khopesh and re-entered the quest.  I could easily blown past the trolls in the pre-quest but just wasn’t thinking straight (it was late afterall).  In the end, I should have been prepared but I wasn’t and even a long time vet like me, sometimes forgets about that.  However, lesson learned!!

There were good things that did result in the run.  Tragicc and I did gather a number of the rare encounters and I know that I still wound up getting at least 10 k in experience just from that.  I was also able to show Tragicc a new quest he wasn’t able to see before and get some valuable playtime in and show a number of the mechanics in VON 3.  And we were still able to have a good time event though we didn’t complete it.  VON 3 will be taken down next weekend though!!

Just remember to be prepared!!  Thanks for reading everybody!!  Happy hunting everybody!!  


3 thoughts on “Remember to Never Go Into a Quest Unprepared

  1. Yep, that’s one of a handful of quests where we can’t just bludgeon our way to victory. Ranged is better to avoid the stun, or have a light monk buff you with an anti-stun. Had that same sinking feeling on a recent run till I pulled out a saved anarchic bow to kill the thing.


    • Yeah my heart dropped to my feet when I realized I didn’t pull my anarchic khopesh out of the reincarnation cache. I should have just grabbed it when I recalled and re-entered into the quest but it was late I really needed to head to bed. Just need to remind myself to think for a second before I enter a quest :).


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