Spies in the House-An Extremely Brutal Quest

One of the toughest quests of the game at level is Spies in the House, at least in my humble opinion.  I just took Erdrique (Level 11 Druid) through it the other night…rather brutally.  If you haven’t done this particular quest, then be prepared!!  It is a quest within the Sentinels of Stormreach adventure pack although it is a stand alone quest within that pack, meaning that you don’t need to complete it to reach the last quest in the series.  The quest giver is Brysen d’Deneith who is standing just outside of sewer in House Deneith. 

There are a number of things that makes this particular quest very challenging and difficult at level.  The quest is level 8 on normal making it level 10 on elite.  It is filled with a variety of traps (the most dangerous of which cannot be disabled) as well as a large number of powerful and annoying monsters  The quest is also rather unique in that it has parts you need to swim through, parts that you need to use your Mario/twitch skills, parts that require you to throw a number of levers, and parts where you have to deal with some ambushes. 

One of the most annoying parts of this quest, at least to me, is the that the quest is not “linear” or “flat”.  Like The Pit, the quest actually requires you to climb and jump up a number of crates and grates/fences.  It never fails for me, but I always get lost in the beginning of the quest as I try to find the appropriate places to jump and climb to get to an air jet that you use to extend higher into the sewer. 

 photo ErdriquemakinghiswaythrougSpiesintheHouse_zps290361f2.jpgErdrique trying to make his way through Spies in the House…inevitably getting stuck for awhile.

However, once you get past this initial stumbling block (which is basically the beginning of the quest by the way) then the things get really interesting.  As soon as you make up into these higher levels you get assaulted by skeleton archers until you can get to them and take them out.  You then start throwing levers and valves to open up a myriad of doors and to free some prisoners.  But the toughest challenges occur later on. 

Eventually you will get two different levels that have floors that are electrified.  As far as I know, these electrified floors cannot be turned off.  These floors do a tremendous amount of electricity damage and to top it off the area is saturated with snipers.  Once you get past the snipers, you then get to play around with some fire elementals and an air elemental…yay..not!!  You have to make your way around the room to continue just so you can deal with a second level that also has an electrified floor.  The second floor here is extremely difficult because you have to jump on an air jet to get up to the floor and then you have to try to not land on the electrified portions of the floor as you fly out of control while being assault by ice mephits from above you (no longer any snipers, now have to deal with mephits).  The problem with the mephits is that they are already aggro’ed on you when you get to that level, making them train on you as soon as you enter that area…not something that easily avoidable as you are trying to stay off of floor.  I actually died here and had to buy a raise cake to get back up.     

Now once you clear the mephits the rest of the quest isn’t too bad.  This particular quest definitely tests your patience.  The design of the quest makes using hirelings extremely difficult, as they seem to have a hard time dealing with these “vertical” quests and they died on me a number of times.  The monsters are also tough and if you don’t have a rogue the traps can be extremely dangerous.  However, with that said, I still made out quite well.  I still received over 30,000 experience doing quest on elite for the first time at level 11 (so I didn’t get a bravery bonus).  I also pulled an impressive trophy from the last quest.

 photo ImpressiveTrophyfromSpiesintheHouse_zps1cf34aa0.jpg
Looting an impressive trophy after my troubles in Spies in the House.

So, although Spies in the House is quite brutal, it was worth it .  Time for the next one…Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


8 thoughts on “Spies in the House-An Extremely Brutal Quest

  1. I love this quest but never take it for granted. A Ninja Spy works great, but ranged and stealthy helps. You need good undead weaponry and if possible, pick them off from a distance at the start. Air jets abound at the start, so get them active and stay quiet. Kills are required to advance. The hard part, the electrified floors, means coming prepared with Protection from Energy to slow their damage (they aren’t disarmable). The elementals need paralyzing ranged weapons since they hover over the air. Get that air elemental dead, fast. From there, the rest is, as you noted, easy. Update 21 now gives a buttload more XP for your trouble. I think this quest requires people to be patient and stop being living bludgeons and think their way out of it.


    • My biggest problem in there was the air jets. I can never, ever steer my character into the right direction and wind up sailing over my intended landing site or slamming into the grates and walls. Just annoying beyond a doubt. Patience is definitely needed!! I didn’t have a problem with the elementals, but the ice mephits above them caused me issues. They had already aggro’ed on me when I was fighting the elementals and then when I got up to their level I was immediately pelted with polar rays. Which is actually fine, but the second mephit I couldn’t see…but somehow it was hitting me…that was annoying… But I did get through it!!


  2. I have always had a problem with the jets in the game. I think it might be because I use a hand held controller as opposed to a keyboard and mouse for my movement (jumps and attacks). It never fails though, either I get slammed into a wall or ceiling or I get overshot of the mark (and usually into much more trouble).


  3. Just ran this quest with my Rogue.. and Yes, this was in insane quest.. I enjoyed once I got pas the “Air jets” and jumps puzzles things…

    Those archers are insane too.. Geez.. I felt like a pincushion!


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