Some Frustrating but Interesting Runs Over the Weekend, May 16 to May 18

This past weekend’s quest activities, although fun, were highlighted by two difficult and frustrating runs.  The weekend started out with a typical Friday morning slayer run with Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) who is still working his way through the Korthos Wilderness Area.   After running around Korthos for about 20 minutes I had to head out to work.  I logged back on later that afternoon with Erdrique (Level 11 Druid).  I took him into Threnal and hit up the Secure the Area to finish up the Threnal West and since I had just picked up the the Threnalian Ceremonial Blade I decided to do the Threnal Arena as well and picked by the Threnalian Warblade that I past onto to Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin).  After that I logged out until later Friday night.  I only needed to more level 8 quests to finish up those runs: Tomb of the Shadow Lord and Spies in the House.  I decided to hit up Spies in the House because there weren’t any other Crypt Crawlers on.  It was a difficult run, and at times very annoying, but I did prevail through it (I wrote up a blog about it here) and with its completion I got well over 30 k experience and an impressive trophy from the last chest :).  After that trying run, I then ran into Sorrowdusk Ilse and headed into The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple.  That run went really smoothly and after that I took Erdrique back into Threnal and hit up The Library of Threnal (The Eastern Excavation).  After that run, I called it a night.    

Berann looking out over Korthos Island photo ScreenShot00009_zpsf079d4d9.jpg
Berann looking out over Korthos Island.

Fighting in the Western Ruins photo FightingintheWesternRuins_zps011cc26e.jpg
Erdrique working in Securing the Area in the Western Excavation.

Time to take the Threnal Challenge photo TimetotaketheThrenalChallenge_zps4997ab2a.jpg
Erdrique advancing to the altar of the Threnal.

Hating the crates and grates in Spies in the House photo ErdriquemakinghiswaythrougSpiesintheHouse_zps290361f2.jpg
Erdrique working his way through Spies in the House.

Erdrique fighting Clearfang in Sorrowdusk Temple photo ErdriquefightingClearfaninSorrowduskTemple_zpseabb0565.jpg
Erdrique taking on Clearfang in the Sorrowdusk Temple.

Time to take out Basthuul photo TimetotakeoutBasthuul_zpsc1d8593e.jpg
Erdrique prepping to take on Basthuul.

On Saturday, I got on later than normal.  The first thing I did though was to guzzle down a minor slayer potion (that I got from some daily rolls) and headed into the Red Fens with Erdrique.  It was Erd’s first venture into the Red Fens during this life and he quickly wracked up over 17 k in experience.  After that, I grouped up with Tragicc and we decided to head into VON 3.  We breezed through the Gateway to Khyber without a problem and then headed into the Jungle of Khyber.  The run through the Jungle of Khyber was…rough to say the least.  It made me realize to think before you enter a quest and make sure you have the equipment/gear you need to get the quest done.  I wrote up my experience here as I realized that I forgot to bring with me my anarchic khopesh and it proved extremely costly at the end fight.  While we did struggle a little bit prior to that, the game breaker was the Inevitable at the end and eventually we had to quit run.  Even though we didn’t complete the quest, we still wound up getting a large amount experience from the options, at least 10 k for me.  But at 3 am, I couldn’t continue and had to head to bed.  VON 3 will be going down this Friday though!!  I swear my revenge :).

Time to explore the Red Fens photo TimetoexploretheRedFens_zps35ddb757.jpg
Erdrique exploring the Red Fens.

Erd and Tragicc in the Gateway to Khyber photo ErdandTragiccintheGatewaytoKhyber_zps57aba57e.jpg
Time to burn up some trolls in the Gateway to Khyber.

Erd fighting a Luridae Ruffian photo ErdfightingaLuridaeRuffian_zps052be704.jpg
Erdrique fighting through the Luridae drow in VON 3.

On Sunday, I logged on with Lorrikk (Level 11 Monk) and took him into Three Barrel Cove where he finally hunted down his last two rares: the scorpion and the scrag as well as finishing up his slayers.  After that, I headed into the Tear of Dhakaan and took on the Arzag-khor hobogolins.  I breezed through the quest without any issues and got just about 20 k experience from the run.  After that, I had to call it a night.

Lorrikk heading over to see if the scrag is home photo Lorrikkheadingovertoseeifthescragishome_zpsf913d991.jpg
Lorrikk hunting down the scrag in Three Barrel Cove.

Lorrikk fighting the Arzag-Khor Tribe photo LorrkingfightingtheArzag-KhorTribe_zpsf6fc93e6.jpg
Lorrikk working his way through the Tears of Dhakaan.

So the experience with Spies in the House and VON 3 were enlightening to me and made me remember that not all quests are a piece of cake :).  But the weekend was still productive and I still had a good time getting things done. 


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