How are the Inspired Linked to the Laughing Knives?

Recently I have started to take a couple of my characters through the Vault of Night Story Arc.  And one thing I noticed was that some of the members of the Inspired were involved in breaking up Marek Malcanus and his laughing knives.  Now, if you aren’t sure who the Laughing Knives are, they are a band of powerful adventurers led by Marek Malcanus who were hired by House Kundarak to test the security measures of the Vault of the Night.  The make up of the Laughing Knives includes Marek Malcansu (I’m guessing he’s rogue but in any case he is the leader or “mastermind” as he called it, of the Laughing Knives), Dirge of Karrnath (a fighter), Mistress Orphne (a sorceress), Veil (a vampire assassin/rogue I believe), and Haywire (an artificer I believe).  Now the Vault of Night has been around for a long time in DDO and its storyline has changed a little bit.  But in its current version, two of the members of the Laughing Knives were actually involved or tricked directly by members of the Inspired.  Mistress Orphne was actually drugged on an Inspired assassin and Haywire was tricked by a member of the Inspired who infected his warforged with a mind controlling parasite. 

So who exactly are the Inspired?  The Inspired are a group of fanatical followers of the Dar Quat.  They are actually being mind controlled by the members of Dol Quor of the Realm of Dreams, in particular the Devourer of Dreams.  The Inspired currently have rebuild the Stormreach Harbor and are recruiting members to their cult and their storyline appears much later in the events of Stormreach.  So why then do they appear in the storyline of the Laughing Knives and the Vault of Night?

Erdrique inside Orphne's Dream photo ScreenShot00003_zps3606c796.jpg
Erdrique in Orphne’s Dream.

Everything ties back to the ever important prophecy, which details the events of the Stormreaver and the Truthful One and what will occur afterwards.  The Stormreaver and the Truthful One were also hugely instrumental in keeping the forces of the Dream World from invading Xendrik and Ebberon.  Therefor the Devourer of Dreams wants to keep the methods used by the Stormreaver and the Truthful One locked away, so they can’t be used again.  The prophecy is also constantly being studied by the dragons of Argonesson and is continues in evolve.  Well, an important part to understanding that prophecy is located in Vault of Night and once Velah got access to the Vault is when I believe the Inspired started to enact their secret plots.

Erdrique fighting in the Tharashk Arena photo ErdfightingintheTharashkArena_zpscff97ac1.jpg
Erdrique working to get a legendary weapon for Dirge.

Marek tells us that the Laughing Knives disbanded because of the failure to crack the Vault of Night, but I believe there is more to it than that.  I think that when the Inspired discovered that Velah got into the vault, they learned that the contents were vulnerable and the only crew cable of gaining entry besides Velah was the Laughing Knives.  As a result, the Inspired took advantage of the failure of the Laughing Knives to break them apart.  So while it appears that failure was the single cause, I think the real cause of disbanding was due to the plots of the Inspired.  We know for sure that the Inspired infiltrated Haywire’s foundry and trapped in his own factory by his own construct creations.  We also know that the Inspired tricked drugged Mistress Orphne. 

But what about Dirge and Veil?  Dirge lost his weapon while trying to get into the Vault of the Night and the Inspired knew that a fighter without a legendary weapon would basically be useless in such a quest.  The only place to get a legendary weapon is in the Tharashk Arena and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Inspired convinced the bugbear master to not allow Dirge into the competition.  So now that leaves Veil.  Veil is being pursued by a tremendous Marut, the Inevitable.  Well, who set the Inevitable against her?  I wouldn’t be surprised at the least to learn that the Inspired are behind this assault as well.  Who else would send the Inevitable against Veil.  Sure, I’m sure Veil has many enemies, but who would access to such a powerful foe as the Inevitable.
I find this storyline quite interesting.  The story of the Draconic Prophey is laced throughout all of Ebberon side of DDO from Waterworks through Reaver’s Reach and Epic Gianthold.  Learning more on how all of these facets come together, such as the Inspired and their role in the break up of the Laughing Knives, give DDO more depth and I look forward to learning more.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!


4 thoughts on “How are the Inspired Linked to the Laughing Knives?

  1. Good story, i saw the inspired clues in a diferent angle:

    Miss. Orphne is from Sarlona so she maybe was part of the cult or maybe fought against them, thats why they attacked and trapped her now in her mind.
    Btw, i started playing ddo like 2 or 3 years ago and i remember that there used to be corpses around Orphne´s house, they were changed or was only my imagination?

    Anyway, regarding Hywire, in my mind the cult visited him to get the Forged, you know, no one else makes them anymore and they wanted them to work as containers for more quorii, thats the reason of the slugs.

    To me Dirge lost his weapon against the rust monsters ( maybe against the rust emperor?) and that was enough to break his will (he is a fighter, crappy will saves 😛 ) no other backstory.

    And Veil, well she is a vampire and Dolurrh dont like that. The plane of death itself send that marut to make her pay for what she has done.

    VoN arc lore used to be amazing, even the, the dwarf quest giver used to state: I want you to go in there and KILL Velah. He knew what was going on. Devs changed the story, if my mind dont betray me they did it to make it more family friendly ( you know, kill is a bad word and childs play ddo too) and now he only send you to contain the outbreak.

    There is some sweet stories on the module 4 notes, conecting some dots amd creating some new ones.

    Sorry for the wall of text, i got carried away.

    Keep doing this great work on your posts.


    • Thanks for compliments!! I just like to see if I can tie the various quests and storylines together. Sometimes it is a stretch. Dirge probably lost his weapon to a rust monster or broken it battling the undead in the Vault or something. As for Veil, I could understand that, but I think something sent the Marut after her besides the plane. Otherwise, why isn’t the Marut just storming through the Orchard and taking out the vampires out there? Then again, that could be his second


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