Hamllin’s Journal-A Small Problem

Quest: A Small Problem
Level 5 (Normal), Level 6 (Hard), Level 7 (Elite)
Crawlers: Hamllin, Okhamel

I’m not entirely sure why Erdrique chose me for this particular mission.  Perhaps he felt that I would be able to be received better by the House Phiarlan elves since I’m elf as well.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case, House Phiarlan is pretty exclusive in who they “relate” too.  Oh well, Erdrique gave me a mission and it is time to carry it out.  I figured I would need some help on this mission so I went to the guild airship to see if anybody was present that could help.  I found Okhamel hammering away at the training dummy and asked for his assistance in this matter. 


On our way to the House Phiarlan Ward of Stormreach, I explained to Okhamel what the mission entailed.  Evidently House Phiarlan has been looking for some help in dealing with a vicious group of spies and assassins better known as the Maleficient Cabal.  A contact from House Phairlan, by the name of Rouge has contacted him asking for assistance.  That was all I knew about the situation until we met up with Rouge in House Phairlan Ward.


Okhamel and I headed out to the House Phairlan Ward shortly after I filled him on the quest particulars that I had received from Erdrique.  It didn’t take us long to find and meet up with Rouge.  Rouge was surrounded by a number of other retainers of House Phairlan at the front of the house ward.  We introduced ourselves to her and quickly learned that she wasn’t an entertainer at all but a House Phiarlan spy.  She informed us that, House Phiarlan had a number of agents spread throughout the House Ward investigating some type of threat from the Maleficient Cabal.  Rouge me the impression that the Maleficient Cabal has been a thorn in the side of House Phiarlan for some time and has caused problems for the spy network in the pass.  Rouge told us the Maleficient Cabal enjoys embarrassing the House and it appears they plan on doing so again.  They apparently want to ruin the latest stage production for the House.  Rouge directed else to talk to Glitter Underhill, who was responsible for directing the play.

Glitter Underhill was found at the Phiarlan Coliseum and looked quite distraught.  Giltter Underhill is a Halfling and seeing his distress was quite comical to say the least.  However, the seriousness of the situation was definitely not something that could be laughed at.  Evidently the stage testing for Glitter’s play about The Truthful One was quite a disaster.  Basically he needed a giant who was intelligent enough to read to take the lead role and the only giant he knew of was Brawnpits, a hill giant that lived out in the Mammoth Valley.  Glitter needed us to recruit Brawnpits into the play and he had a wagon set up and ready to go to travel to Mammoth Valley.  After recruiting a few other cleric mercenaries, Okhamel and myself joined up with Glitter’s caravan and moved out to the Mammoth Valley.

Once the caravan arrived at its destination, Okhamel and I stepped out and took a look out at the landscape of Mammoth Valley.  Mammoth Valley was at the base of a large mountain and it was a well forested area.  However, it did appear that travel occurred frequently to the mountain because there was a well worn path making its way to its summit.  The forest was fairly lush but not as much as Tangleroot Gorge or Sorrowdusk Isle. 

Okhamel and I (as well as our mercenaries) started to make our way up the well-worn path.  It didn’t take us very long to run into trouble.  Glitter had mentioned to us on the way to Mammoth Valley that it was inhabited by some pretty fierce animals including wolves, lions, and giant spiders.  I thought to myself, “Great now I get to become a elven snack to some powerful hunter in the forest…”.  Well, Glitter’s warning was definitely accurate.  As we made our way up the path we were ambushed by a number of wolves.  The behavior of the wolves were curious though.  They just seemed to attack without any provocation or any coordination, kind of like they were disoriented and just restless.  After the short excursions with the restless wolves we came across a camp that housed the Brothers Grim.

The Brothers Grim are hill giants and are nephews to Brawnpits.  The brothers’ name are Nale and Thum.  They warned us not to try to steal their things and told us that Brawnpits was camped further up the mountain.  So we left the Brothers Grim and headed up the mountain that formed the base of Mammoth Valley.  As we made our way through the jungles that of the mountainside we were constantly harassed by wolves and lions.  Again their behavior was extremely odd, almost like they were just impatient and ready to act out at anything or anybody.

The path through the valley was winding and curved around and upward a slope that ascended the mountain.  As we approached the bend, we heard booming voice above us.  Brawnpits was watching us and he warned us to be careful not to jump down into a small lagoon below us, telling us that the water was extremely shallow.  He then offered for us to relax at his campsite.  We accepted the hill giant’s offer and followed him up the path.  He also mentioned on the way back to his camp that he noticed the animals being restless as well.

Brawnpits’ camp was actually pretty nicely laid out.  He found a nice clearing on a cliff of the mountain and had a nice huge pot of some type of brew cooking.  After we got settled we offered up the proposal  that Glitter Underhill sent forward.  It took some time to try to explain theater to the large hill giant but he lazily accepted the proposal as long as we could prove ourselves to him.  So he gave us a number of tasks to complete before he would work in the play.  The first task he had laid for us was to retrieve some water with the blessing of the water spirits from the shallow lake below.  He told us there was an alter on a ridge just above the lake that he needed to pay homage to in order to get the blessing we needed for the water.   So we headed back down the mountain towards the shallow lake spring.   

As we head back down the path to the spring and the lake, we came across a few more restless wolves.  We dispatched with them and shortly later came up to the altar.  As we approached the altar, two majestic water elementals appeared and mentioned to us they have given us their blessing and we could now take some water from the sacred pool.  So we then went down to the pool and took some water and brought it back up to Brawnpits.  Brawnpits was happy to get the blessed water but our trials were just beginning.  He now wanted us to gather some rocks for his fire.  They couldn’t be just any rocks, but needed to be crushed earth elementals.  He told us where they could be located and he steadily made our way back down the mountain to fight some earth elementals.

The elementals were spread throughout the lowland forest and the mountain pass to the north and west of Brawnpits camp.  The elementals were not alone though.  There were numerous restless wolves, and some no foes, restless spiders, mixed in with them.  After taking them down, we returned to Brawnpits with the remnants of the earth elementals.  He then gave us a new task, to find wood for his fire.  We told us we could find more wood to the north and east of his camp.

So we headed back through the valley and to the north east.  We came across a number of wood piles and we started to gather them up.  However, as we gathered the wood, we were attacked by huge fire elementals, evidently these were hearth spirits.  Their attacks were relentless, with fireballs being thrown all over the place.  Eventually we defeated them and brought the would back down to Brawnpits.  As we were asking Brawnpits about the hearth spirits, we were attacked once again, by more hearth spirits.  After we extinguished them, Brawnpits got concerned and asked us to visit the sky spirit in the upper reaches of the mountain back to the north east.  So we took off immediately.

As we started to make our across the cliffs to the sky spirit, we were ambushed by members of the Maleficient Cabal.  The tieflings sprung out from everywhere to attack us.  After we cleared one set of attackers, we were met with more further along the cliffs.  Eventually we defeated all of them and made it to the altar of the sky where we summoned forth and talked to the sky spirit, who happened to be an ancient air elemental.  He gave us his blessing and warned us that the tieflings were getting ready to strike at Brawnpits so we quickly made our way back to him, with the help of feather fall.

We made it back just in time.  As soon as we touched down back in Brawnpits camp we were attacked by a small force of Maleficient Cabal forces.  With our help, Brawnpits was able to repel their attack, but it was still quite disturbing.  The Maleficient Cabal was going through some extraordinary measures to keep Brawnpits from joining this play.  We offered to guide Brawnpits back to the caravan so that he could to the House Phiarlan Ward without further incident.  As we made our way through Mammoth Valley, we were constantly attacked by the forces of the Maleficient Cabal.  We eventually made our way back to the Brothers Grimm.   When we got to their camp Brawnpits bellowed out that he had made his decision and commanded the brothers to pack up and head out immediately.  Even though they started to complain, Brawnpits reinforced his superiority and soon after the brothers were on their way.

We then escorted Brawnpits the rest of the way back to the caravan, getting ambushed two more times along the way.  However, our biggest surprise was when we got back to the caravan.  One thing we noticed when we first came into Brawnpits’ camp is that he was not alone.  He was sharing the camp with what we thought was an ally.  The pretend ally was elemental creature that took the various forms of canine species.  While we ran the errands for Brawnpits, this strange creature changed into a hyena, a worg, a winter wolf, and a black wolf.  However, when we got to the caravan, we learned that these creatures were indeed special spirits who had been warped or were in an alliance with the Maleficient Cabal.  As we approached the caravan the four magical beasts attacked us relentlessly and a magical wall of fire sprang forth blocking the path to the caravan.  It became evident that we would need to defeat these creatures to make our way through.

Brawnpits was crestfallen to fight who he thought was his friends.  After some time, we took down the four spirits.  It wasn’t easy.  We used up a good portion of our supplies to survive the encounter.  After the firewall came down, we led Brawnpits to the caravan and headed back the House Phiarlan ward in Stormreach.   When we arrived, Glitter Underhill was ecstatic to see us back.  We introduced him to Brawnpits.  Glitter gave us our payment and we head back to Rouge to report on the success of the mission and to see what else needed to be done.  Rouge told us that Brawnpits was working out well and appreciated everything that we have done so far.  She then told us of a plot that the Maleficient Cabal was working on to infiltrate House Phiarlan’s Grand Gala.  She told us to report to another Cyan for further details.  Before we moved to report to Cyan I sent Erdrique a message to let him know our progress.  It appears we have a lot more work to do.


5 thoughts on “Hamllin’s Journal-A Small Problem

  1. It’s fun to role-play a recounting from the character’s perspective, isn’t it? 🙂

    Next time, try less narrative and add in more dialogue. Your mercenary hirelings (with their crazy personalities) should give you a LOT to work with (“Hey! What in the hells are you doing!? I told you to heal me and stay back!”)


    • Yeah, I’m taking more from a perspective that my character is jotting down his experience in a personal journal and not so much as a “story narrative”. I could lighten it up though to include some typical witty banter :). Assuming of course I’m creative enough to come up with it!!


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