So What is Whisperdoom’s Story?

Not too long ago, I pondered who and how the fortress of Splinterskull was created.  But another interesting question is how did Whisperdoom ever become the powerful monster that she is?  Now for those who don’t know, Whisperdoom is a huge and magical spider that you first encounter in Splinterskull fortress located in the Tangleroot Gorge explorer area.  Whisperdoom is so powerful, that when you suggest to Ungurz to slay her, he simply laughs at you and tells you to destroy her clutch because that you have a chance to to.  So how exactly did Whisperdoom get so powerful and how exactly did Yarkuch (Splinterskull’s commander) ever become in league with her?

Harrgon fighting the spiders in the Gorge photo HarrgonfightingthespidersintheGorge_zps68cc277a.jpg
Harrgon fighting some spiders in Tangleroot Gorge.  Could these spiders have been offspring of Whipserdoom as well?

Now spiders are definitely common all throughout Stormreach and Evenigstar.  Heck, we run across three poweful spiders even before we leave Korthos Island (Frostbite, Ciccic, and Kraak) however for the vast majority of the spiders we run across we know their origins.  For instance, the three from Korthos Island are ice spiders and are native to the frosty environs of Misery’s Peak.  Other powerful spiders, like Red Fang, were the results of experiments that went awry were others, such as Blood-drinker, were actually the offspring of Whisperdoom herself.  Unfortunately we don’t know how Whisperdoom became who she is, so we can only hypothesize about her origins.

I’m guessing she became as powerful as she is with the help of somebody experimenting on her.  Kind of like how Basil experimented with Red Fang, only I believe this particular person was much more powerful than Basil ever was.  Most likely Whisperdoom was enchanted by a powerful wizard or sorcerer.  Somebody who was able to give the great spiders extraordinary intelligence, tremendous damage resistance, elemental resistance, and terrific fortitude.  All of these were enhanced even greater when Whisperdoom was found by an ogre clan after the fall of Splinterskull where the ogre shamans gave her the gift to be able to cast spells. 

There is no doubt that Whisperdoom’s abilities are legendary.  She was even able to produce some formidable offspring such as Blood-drinker, her numerous daughters, and her glass spider daughters.  Whisperdoom is so powerful, that it makes you wonder if we actually did destroy here in The Spawn of Whisperdoom.  I wonder if we will ever learn how she became as strong as she is.  I think there is an interesting story there for sure.


2 thoughts on “So What is Whisperdoom’s Story?

  1. To confuse adventurers, it should be noted that Whisperdoom is a Magical Beast, no longer a spider. The most effective attack against her is using Light and Ninja Poison–she isn’t immune if I recall right. The problem is that she really lays down all kinds of nasty fog and tries to debilitate you fast if you are a melee character. Distance helps. A Solar weapon with negative energy damage is a good one. You have to beat her regeneration.


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