Adventuring over the Holiday Weekend, May 23rd to May 25th

The weekend runs started off with my usual slayer run on Friday morning.  I was scheduled to log on with Hamllin (Level 9 Fighter) and to take him into Tangleroot Gorge.  So I brought him on and ventured around the wilds of the gorge taking on the hobgoblins and other denizens that occur in and around Tangleroot River.  Later that afternoon, after work, I was scheduled to take Hamllin (once again) into Dead Girl’s Spellbook (Valak’s Mausoleum).  I was kind of nervours about this particular quest because it never fails that I get killed once or twice in the wicked blade taps in there because I misjudge where they are (even though I know they are there).  Luckily, I didn’t perish this time and I was able to get my rogue hireling to disable them without any issues.  After that run I had to logout.  Friday night came along and logged on with Erdrique (Level 12 Druid), my main character, and grouped up with Rosnia and we took on the Red Fens, Tomb of the Shadow Lord, VON 3, and The Sanctum: Church of the Fury.  We had some minor problems in Tomb of the Shadow Lord but took it out.  Now Erdrique has all of his level 8 quests completed on elite and has moved to complete his level 9 quests.  He is also well on his way to working on the completion of Red Fens .

Hamllin approaching a hobgoblin outpost photo HamllinapproachingahobgoblinoutpostinTangleroot_zps21e94d7d.jpg
Hamllin approaching a hobgoblin outpost in Tangleroot Gorge.

Hammys spinning blades in Dead Girls Spellbook photo HammysspinningbladesinDeadGirlsSpellbook_zpsb72df89c.jpg
Hammy whirling his blades in Dead Girl’s Spellbook.

Fighting the Luridae drow photo FightingtheLuridaedrow_zps51fa34d4.jpg
Erdrique once again fighting the Luridae drow.

Time to burn up the specters and shadows photo Timetoburnupthespectersandshadows_zps9422f99f.jpg
Erdrique and Rosnia dealing with the shadows, specters, and wraiths in the Shadow Lord.

Down goes the Fire Reaver photo DowngoestheFireReaver_zps046348c5.jpg
Erdrique and Rosnia taking down a fire reaver in Co6.

I didn’t log into the game on Saturday night, instead just worked on some minor character maintenance and spent the rest of night chilling with my beautiful wife .  So I didn’t really get back into some adventures until Sunday night.  On Sunday, I was scheduled to play Containment (Level 4 Cleric).  Containment is one of my characters on my premium account and was level 3 when I started.  Containment is still working on completing all of his Harbor quests on normal, hard, and elite (because he can’t open them up on elite difficulty ).  As a result, I took Containment into the Stealthy Repossession and The Smuggler’s Warehouse and ran through each one on normal, hard, and elite.  After I ran through those two adventures, I logged on with Erdrique and took him into the Red Fens to collect some slayers (I had taken a minor slayer boost).  I ran through their in about a half hour or so and still have about 20+ minutes left on his slayer boost potion, so I’ll be hitting that up again soon.

Containment up close and personal with a kobold in stealthy repossession photo ContainmentupcloseandpersonalwithakoboldinStealthyRepossesion_zps26b52514.jpg
Containment up close and personal with a few kobolds in Stealthy Repossession.

Containment making his way to a kobold shaman photo Containmentmakinghiswaytoakoboldshaman_zps0777fdd8.jpg
Containment working his way to a kobold shaman in the Smuggler’s Warehouse.

Erdrique wandering around the Red Fens photo ErdriquewanderingaroundtheRedFens_zpsc334a2aa.jpg
Erdrique wandering around the Red Fens.

Well, I hope everybody else had an enjoyable weekend!!!  That is all for now, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!    


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