Anogoreth, A Mystery in the Red Fens

My main character Erdrique (Level 12 Druid) is currently working his way through the Red Fens explorer area, having completed all the other explorer areas (slayers, rares, and explorer points) up to this point.  I have always been intrigued by the Red Fens, as it contains a  number of mysteries, including the rare encounter Anogoreth.  If you have never ventured into the Red Fens (which you can get to by talking to Ormar, a dwarf in House Kundarak) Anogoreth is one of the rare encounters in the explorer zone and he seems to be completely out of place there.  Anogoreth is actually a devil, an abishai in actuality, from Shavarath who seems to have been locked away inside an altar under a great tree in the Red Fens.

 Fighting Anogoreth photo FightingAnogoreth_zpsb92a2eba.jpg
Erdrique fighting Anogoreth in the Red Fens.

Anogoreth can only be summoned by placing the three crests into the altar located under the great tree in the Red Fens.  One crest is located in the destroyed village of the Raveneye Drow, one creast is located by the Zigguarat, and the last crest is located in the great mud pool in the Red Fens.  Once all crests are placed on the altar, Anogoreth is summoned and is quite confused.  As you can tell from my screenshot above, Anogoreth is aware that he was imprisoned but he doesn’t seem to know where he is and is looking for the demons he once battled.

Getting ready to summon some evil photo Gettingreadytosummonsomeevil_zps903accdf.jpgErdrique getting ready to summon forth Anogoreth.
So who imprisoned Anogoreth?  Why was he locked in this altar with these three crests left behind to unlock him?  Why are the crests in the hands of the Raveneye Clan?  How powerful was Anogoreth?  What is the link between Shavareth and Red Fens?  How long has Anogoreth been imprisoned? 

The answers to many of these questions we just don’t know and there aren’t many clues to go by.  Perhaps Anogoreth was a high ranking devil officer that was captured by the demon forces and banished to his tree.  Maybe Anogoreth was overthrown by his own forces or perhaps the Archons had something to do with him.  The real question is how did the crests come into the possession of the Raveneye Drow?  Of course that assumes that the Raveneye Drow understood what the crests were for.  It is also intriguing to realize that a demon hezrou is what has inspired the sahaugin to attack the Raveneye drow.  I wonder if that is linked anyway to Anogoreth.  So many questions and yet so little answers.  I guess that is what leads to a good mystery and an even better adventure!!

Thanks for reading everybody!!  Now go hunt down some enemies in the Red Fens!!  Happy Hunting!!


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