So What’s up With All of the Half-Orcs?

The other day I was taking Wapoyei (Level 22 Cleric/Exalted Angel) through the High Road and I noticed that there appears to be a larger number of half-orcs in this particular wilderness area compared to other monster types.  I just thought this curious.

Wapoyei beating up on a bandit scout photo WapoyeibeatinguponaBanditScout_zps2963d9e1.jpg
Wapoyei fighting some half-orcs in the High Road.

I wonder if the Netherese have somehow hired the half-orc tribes as some extra muscle or something.  Now I admit, I’m not to up-to-date on the storyline for the High Road, but I do find it interesting.  I’m also jealous because all of these half-orc rangers seem to have wolf companions but yet my ranger doesn’t have a cool and awesome wolf companion .  Maybe one day…

In any case, I just thought it interesting that there are so many half-orcs in the High Road.  Thanks for reading everybody, and happy hunting!!


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