Perhaps the Most Hated Quest on Principle

The other day I took my level 9 fighter, Hamllin, through the quest Purge the Heretics.  Now Purge the Heretics has been out since DDO was first released…and it has been pretty much hated based on the principle of the storyline.  Purge the Heretics, if you have never paid much attention, is basically a quest that asserts the domination of religious zeal from the Silver Flame over followers of the Sovereign Host.  Our good ol’ friend Inquisitor Gnomon is the quest giver who is taking his leave in the Bogwater Tavern in House Phairlan.  I remember reading a number of complains on the forums about this quest and how it seemed totally inappropriate for those paladin and lawful good clerics to be running this particular quest, just in principle.  People were frustrated with this quest and many people refused to run it.

Hammy not enjoying his work in Purge the Heretics photo HammynotenjoyinghisworkinPurgetheHeretics_zps6c66ea1e.jpg
Hamllin doing the requested work in the Hidden Chapel.

Now I admit, my favorite class is the paladin, and it was hard for me to get around to running this quest.  It just reminded me of the pressure of the Crusades and we all know how well that went..right.  But, the DDO developers played this scenario out perfectly when they used Inquistor Gnomon as a main focal point with the release of the Web of Chaos and leading to the Menace of the Underdark expansion, exposing Inquisitor Gnomon as a rhaksasha, who was under cover and infiltrating the church of the Silver Flame.  It gave credence to Gnomon’s “true” purpose in having this disruption, but to this day I still think Purge the Heretics is the most hated quest, just on pure principle alone.

So now Hamllin turns towards his other level 6 quests, glad to know that Purge the Heretics is behind him.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!    


4 thoughts on “Perhaps the Most Hated Quest on Principle

  1. My lawful good personality creeps in when I think about this quest. I’ve generally not played it for a while because Gnomon is using us and killing innocents, even virtual ones, haunts me to my actual core. Still, avenging those innocents in “Dust” is quite the treat.


  2. I agree. But as I’ve said, when I run this one, I ALWAYS let the mobs hit me first, because then I’m just defending myself. It’s not *my* fault the mobs are too intent on killing me instead of running away (‘cuz I would totally let them run away, if they did).


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