So Maybe I’m a Little Too Hard on My Some of My Characters..

The other day I mentioned how I feel more comfortable playing some of my characters over others.  In particular, I mentioned how underpowered I feel with Sludgge (Level 20 Rogue/Shadowdancer) and Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger), primarily because I felt that their gear was tremendously underwhelming for their levels.  Well, earlier this week I logged on with Larrs and did some gear swapping.  I hit up the auction house and bought a few things including Nightsinger Mantle cloak (hard version), a charisma +6 ring, and a deadly helmet with a green augment slot.  The cloak also had a yellow augment slot so I went ahead and bought a deathblock and heavy fort augment from the DDO Store.  The gear swapping allowed me to also equip the Guardian Gauntlets from the Wheloon Prison Series and the Skirmisher Belt. 

Larrs looking for more rock spirits photo Larrslookingformorerockspirits_zps5a3bfab7.jpg
Larrs looking for earth elementals.

Now granted, this isn’t the most powerful set up by far but it was much better than what I had.  I now have a speed item, a deadly item, +30 hit point item, and some decent stat items.  Well, with his new gear rearrangements, I took Larrs into the quest A Small Problem on Epic Normal.  And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised at his performance .

Larrs making his enemies dance photo Larrsmakinghisenemiesdance_zpseba17c67.jpg
Larrs setting his enemies to dancing.

I didn’t have any other help with me besides my regular summoned hirelings (Onyx panther, Owlbear, and level 20 cleric hireling).  I was still a little worried about his damage output, however Larrs has at his disposal other aspects that my other characters do not, decent crowd control.  As I entered the quest, I decided to use Irresistible Dance on ally the casters and clerics to keep them from causing me any problems.   Larrs also happens to be a Spellsinger, so he was never short on his spell points.  I was quite impressed how well this works.  When I got to the earth elementals, I also used Irresistible Dance on them to keep them from causing too many issues.  I also had used it against the hearth spirits (fire elementals) to great effect. 

Larrs setting the hearth spirits to dancing photo Larrssetingthehearthspirittodancing_zps5e5b9118.jpg
Setting the hearth spirits to dancing .

In the end, the use of Larrs spells and songs, along with his new gear footprint, proved out to work well.  In the end fight, while protecting Brawnpits, I was also able to charm/mass suggest a few of the spawning tieflings which also helped quite a bit.  I then realized that when I completed the quest that I never even used two of Larrs more powerful abilities: Fascinate and Enthrallment.  I never used either one, I still had plenty of songs to use.  Even neglecting these abilities I still completed the quest with surprisingly little difficulty.

Larrs using charm person to his advantage photo Larrsusingcharmpersontohisadvantage_zps1457b81a.jpg
Larrs protecting Brawnpits in the last fight.

Talk about being pleasantly surprised!!   I guess I need to rethink Larrs and start trying to do some more of his quests on Epic Hard as well.  We’ll see .  Well, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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