Another Simple but Important Tip…Always Remember to Bind…

Awhile ago I mentioned how important it is to be prepared for the quest you are going into when I was lamenting about my mistake for not bringing in an anarchic weapon for the Inevitable in VON 3.  Another important thing to remember is to make sure you set your “bind point” before you enter a quest, especially those quests that are a little longer in length.  To set your bind point you go to the closest tavern area and speak to the resident brother of the Silver Flame.  Setting your bind point allows you to release and revive at that location.  Because I did not do this at all…I ended back up in Korthos Island. 

This weekend I took Erdrique (Level 12 Druid) into Entering the Gatechamber (Threnal South).  Now, I was prepared for the quest but since I have a large number of characters I tend to run through the majority of quests only once and hence I do forget some things….like the elder beholder and the force trap that protects it near the end of that particular quest.  Needless to say, I got stupidly ran right into him and got my but handed to me when I realized I was fighting in the force trap.  I tried to raise myself, twice, with DDO Store cookies to no avail (I got up and then promptly killed).  I tried to do this because I knew I didn’t bind in the Delver’s Canteen, the tavern area located in Threnal.

Now, if I had taken the time to bind then I would have simply released and came back in to finish the quest.  See, I was doing the quest only with a hireling so I didn’t have somebody to hold the instance and I wasn’t concerned about the slight experience knock, especially since it wasn’t participating in my bravery bonus. 

 photo ErdpreppingtosethisbindpointintheGoldenWingInninHouseP_zps889833f4.jpg
Erdrique prepping to set his bind point in the Golden Wing Inn.

So, just a word of wisdom, especially if you are running solo (or with hireling), remember to set your bind points!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy questing. 


2 thoughts on “Another Simple but Important Tip…Always Remember to Bind…

  1. Excellent advice.
    I was messing about with a fresh cleric, doing quite well in the harbor, but then fail always happens when you least expect it. I wound up back on the island. I logged with disgust and self-loathing:)


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