Traitors and Threnal

This past weekend I took Erdrique (Level 12 Druid) and completed one of the oldest quest chains in DDO, The Ruins of Threnal.  The Ruins of Threnal contain three primary sets of quests: The Western Ruins, The Eastern Ruins, and The Southern Ruins.  This quest chain is none to contain one of the most infamous NPCs every created in DDO, good ol’ Coyle Lovell.  In the last quest for the Eastern Ruins, you are tasked with protecting Coyle and you cannot allow him to die.  With his tendency to run straight into danger and to gather aggro like the best intimi-tank, protecting him has always been interesting.  However, when you get to the last set of quests, Southern Threnal, you get to learn of good ol’ Coyle’s demise…despite all of your hard work to protect his sorry butt.

Erd fighting the granite gargoyle in Threnal photo ErdfightingthegranitegargoyleinThrenal_zpsd2a8e763.jpg
Erdrique battling a granite gargoyle in Threnal South.

See, Coyle Lovell turns out to be a traitor.  As we venture further into the Southern Ruins, we learn that Coyle Lovell is actually Kharvos Valadan and his is on a missing to set forth the forces of Xoriat onto Xen’drik by opening up the Gate of the Black Moon.  Now, as we are adventuring through the quest, Entering the Gate Chamber (Part 2 of Threnal South).  We get hints and clues that somebody has thrown this lever or has been in this room recently, indicating that Coyle/Kharvos has already been through this area and has progressed further on.  However, something occurred to me at this point.  I realized that I have had to battle a plethora of monsters to get to this point…flesh renders, rust monsters, earth elementals, mephits, gargoyles, ice flensers, fire reavers, slimes, and spiders just to name a few of the creepy crawlies I had to deal with.  Now, how did Coyle (who we know is a spell caster) get through these enemies or around them?  Are the enemies so numerous that they simply just resupplied their forces?  I doubt it.  To make things more complicated, I had to get a few keys to unlock the necessary doors to progress to the end of the quest…now I know Coyle didn’t get these keys because they were still left for me to find.  This makes me think that our good ol’ friend Coyle was holding out on us.  He evidently has some super strong spells to let him pass through gates and go unnoticed, spell that we don’t have access too.  What’s up with that?

Well, in any case, Coyle/Kharvos gets what is coming to him though…as we find him clobbered in the next quest…by the club of a huge hill giant…  I’m guess Kharvos had used up all of his spells to this point and just didn’t have any mana…the sucker…

Doesn’t pay to be a traitor!!  LOL, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!! 


2 thoughts on “Traitors and Threnal

    • You aren’t alone in that…but it does give me a smile when you enter The Gatechamber and first thing you see is his crumbled body and the DM text mentions that he looks like his skull was bashed in with a giant club :).


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