Wondering About the Fire Giants and Raveneye Drow in Red Fens

I enjoy running the Red Fens and helping the Raveneye Clan revolt against the demon led forces of the sahaugin.  Yesterday, I took Erdrique (Level 12 Druid) through the Claw of Vulkoor on elite.  As I was going through the quest, I realized that this particular quest is kind of on the outside of the other three quests in the chain (The Last Stand, Fathom the Depths, and Into the Deep).  The priority enemies in the other three quests are the sahaugin and their minions but in the Claw of Vulkoor, the enemies aren’t sahaugin but fire giants.  To make the Claw of Vulkoor more complicated, is that it is also full of scorpions, who the drow covet.

 photo Erdriquepreppingtohelpoutthedrowpriestess_zps6b75a0b8.jpg
Erdrique preparing to help Priestess Ionna obtain the Claw of Vulkoor.

The whole lore behind this quest is to obtain the Claw of Vulkoor that can be used to bestow the blessing of Vulkoor on those chosen drow warriors of the Raveneye Clan to battle the dreaded sahuagin invaders, turning the drow warriors into scorrow.  Of course though, the Claw of Vulkoor lies in the heart of the fire giant territory.  The initial hope of the quest giver (Croaker, interesting name since croaker is a common fish in estuarine and ocean waters of the eastern US, fish and sahaugin, hm..) is for to negotiate with the fire giants to allow the drow passage to the Claw of Vulkoor.  Of course this isn’t allowed by the fire giants for two reasons:  1).  the fire giants still see the drow as slaves (Eberron lore has the giants enslaving the majority of drow for eons until the drow revolt) and 2). evidently this area is a sacred graveyard/burial ground to the fire giants who don’t want the graves looted to drow graverobbers.  So needless to say, fighting ensues.

Another thing that I find interesting is that the fire giant warlock, Sobrien, turns all of the drow into scorpions.  Of all the things to convert them into, he turns them into something they worship?  I thought that interesting.  I wonder why he didn’t turn them into mice or something.  Oh well, the real mystery is how did the fire giants get the scorpions (not the drow warriors who were transformed) to fight with them?  Or how did the fire giants establish a sacred graveyard in the middle of an area that is important to Vulkoor and the drow?

My assumption is that this was holy and sacred ground to both the fire giants and Raveneye drow clan back during the time when the drow were just mere slaves.  The drow were able to put up scorpion protectors for their precious artifact while the fire giants were also able to establish the a portion of the area as a burial ground.  When the drow forces rebeled, the fire giants held onto the land and scorpions remained to protect the precious artifact.  They probably grew used to the fire giants and/or used them to help guard the artifact and the fire giants did likewise (used the scorpions to help guard the burial ground).  I wouldn’t be surprised if the two even developed a level of respect for each other, however there is no doubt that the giants still disrespect the drow.

It makes me wonder how the Sulatar drow would take to this situation.  I could see the drow of Searing Heights bowing to their knees to the fire giants and waging a war with the Raveneye Clan, at least until they saw how overrun their drow kin are from sahaugin.  They would probably take to the sahaugin in a heartbeat just to spite any other race who would dare to wage a war with another drow clan…after all only another drow should be fighting a drow right?

In any case, the Claw of Vulkoor is unique in this quest chain and a fun little quest to run!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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