Double Rare Occurrences

I think it might have been Hamllin’s (Level 9 Fighter) lucky day yesterday while going around Sorrowdusk Isle and starting the Grey Moon Story Arc.  While Hamllin was making his way to the first quest in the arc, The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka, I decided to check for the two rare ogre encounters, Barxer and Kurmer.  I have hardly ever seen both of them occur during the same run but sure enough I ran into both ogre commanders.  I usually have a hard time finding Kurmer in truth, so I glad to have them both spawn in Hamllin’s first foray into Sorrowdusk Isle.
  photo HamllintakingonBarxer_zps56137435.jpg Hamllin taking on Barxer in Sorrowdusk Isle.

 photo StunningKurmer_zps1205735f.jpg
Hamllin stunning Kurmer in this battle.
 photo BothOgreCommandersinasinglerun_zps8400935a.jpg
Not a bad quick run to Freeing Achka getting the fist two ogre commanders, 5 explorer points, and 33 kills.

Hammy’s good luck continued when he entered the quest The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka.  During the quest run he came across both canine rare encounters: Powder and Flamefang.  Now often do you find a winter wolf and a hellhound working together in the same quest?

 photo HamllinfightingPowder_zps3b29cb5a.jpg
Hamllin fighting away with a stunned Powder.

 photo LookatFlamefang_zps01dbcf7c.jpg
Fighting Flamefang in the Iron Mines.

Maybe I should have continued to venture around Sorrowdusk Isle to see if I could find the other rare encounters.  Oh well, maybe next time!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting in Three Barrel Cove!!


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