Tough Time in Into the Deep on Epic Hard

The past few times I have run Kolll (Level 21 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) he had dominated his quests on epic normal.  These runs included the Red Fens quests: The Last Stand, Fathom the Depths, and The Claw of Vulkoor.  All of these quests I had very little difficulty.  I ran the quests only with my onyx panther, level 17 owlbear, and an exalted angel hireling.  As a result of that success and because I upgrade some of his gear (although he still has stub standard bows and items) I decided to try the next quest, Into the Deep, on epic hard to see how well I would fare.

Kolll fighting underwater photo Kolllfightingunderwater_zps07c2f71c.jpgKolll fighting the sahuagin in their own environment.     

The quest started out well enough, I realized that it was taking more time to take the mobs down due to their inflated hit points and I also recognized right away that my paralzying arrows were not nearly as effective as they are on epic normal.  Even with that said, I still had little problems dealings with the sahaugin, making sure I was taking out the wizards and clerics out first.  I didn’t really run into any issues until I made my way into the first temple and caught the aggro of some of the tainted water elementals.  It took me quite a bit a time to take them down as they were immune to a large number of attacks (wounding, frost, etc.) but eventually I got past them.  I had entered the temple with the enslaved drow and was able to free them easily enough.  I had expended all of my mana just as I reached the shrine, so the resource management was on par.

Kolll working on an elite deep water warrior photo Kolllworkingonanelitedeepwaterwarrior_zpsdbffde3c.jpg
Kolll landing a paralyzing shot on an elite sahuagin underwater warrior on epic hard.

I then made my way to the last fight.  Where I defeated the first wave of bad guys easily enough and started to range the frozen giant water elemental.  I had that elemental more than 50% free when disaster happened :(.  I simply forgot about some of the mechanics in this particular quest.  I hadn’t really been under attack after that first wave but eventually a few sahaugin meandered their way to me and quickly engaged them with my hires and myself.  I then moved closer to the frozen elemental to realize that many more sahaugin were sitting off to the sides and hadn’t seen me fighting previously.  They quickly joined in and to make a long story short, I simply got overwhelmed.  My companions were (and I) were hit with greater command a few times and that pretty much spelled doom for me. 

I did try to reenter the quest but the swarm was still to large and as soon as I dropped back into the room I was killed yet again.  So, the next time I enter the quest I will have to remember to do a better job on crowd management.  Prior to these runs, my paralzying arrows saved me that embarrassment.  However, this time my paralyzing arrows were minimally effective so I had switched to a different elemental stance.  I also need to look into getting a better bow.  Right now his main bow is +1 wounding longbow of pure good with festival icy burst on it.  I also tend to use some Xoriat arrows of different types as well as the Stay Frosty ability.  This has worked well in the past but I was having problems as I mentioned earlier in this run.  We’ll see how it goes, but I did expect to run into issues.  I have faith though that Kolll will lay down his revenge!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!! 


2 thoughts on “Tough Time in Into the Deep on Epic Hard

  1. Did you have the highest trained paralyzing arrows from AA or just a standard bow? The best AA paralyzing can get a Will 26, higher than Improved Paralyzing. But the fish may have good Will saves, too. Might want to try Terror Arrows, too.


  2. I was using the Arcane Archer paralyzing arrows from the enhancement line. I will have to try the terror arrows, didn’t think on that one. I might try to find a improved cursespewing bow as well, not sure yet on that one. But I do think my biggest problem was crowd management. I just simply got overwhelmed. I’ll give it another try when I circulate back to Kolll.


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