Grey Moon vs. Black Sun Just Now Seeing the Connection

I’m currently taking Hamllin (Level 9 Fighter) through the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle and through the Grey Moon/Cult of Six Story Arc.  As I was taking Hamllin through the various quests in the Grey Moon portion of the story arc something had just occurred to me.  Now, I have run this particular chain quite a bit over the years the realization of what I just noticed yesterday made me laugh.  The storyline behind the Grey Moon/Cult of Six Story Arc centers around the Grey Moon ogre tribe being pushed out and overthrown by other traitorous ogres who have made some deals with trolls and cultists members of the Dark Six.  Upon entering and fighting through these quests, a common enemy you come across are the Black Sun ogres. 

Fighting the Ogres in the Iron Mines photo FightingtheOgresintheIronMines_zps6390afc8.jpg
Hamllin battling Black Sun ogres in the Iron Mines.

When I first looked at the various ogres clans in DDO I had assumed that the Black Sun Ogres were a rival clan.  However, one just has to look at the names of “Grey Moon” and “Black Sun” to figure out what has is going on here.  Black Sun is basically the opposite of Grey Moon, therefore indicating that these particular ogres were part of the coup to overthrow Lord Haag of Grey Moon, these are the traitors.  LOL, I’m just now seeing this :P.

It is the little discoveries such as this that helps keep DDO fresh for me :).  In any case, I just felt I had to write about realization and to share it with you all.  Thanks for reading everybody and now get back into the game and venture forth into Sorrowdusk and slay some Black Sun ogres!!  Happy hunting!!

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