Exploring the Shadow Crypt

One of the last level 9 quests I needed to complete with Erdrique (Level 13 Druid) on elite was The Shadow Crypt.  The Shadow Crypt is the capstone quest to the Necropolis II adventure pack and you have to complete Tomb of the Shadow Guard, Tomb of the Shadow Knight, Tomb of the Shadow King, and Tomb of the Shadow Lord to properly flag for it.  The quest is bestowed by a member of the Emerald Claw camp, called The Herald.

The quest is actually a very unique one and I can’t think of another quest that employs the same mechanic.  The entire tomb is basically a “tiered” maze.  The quest starts out with a member of the Emerald Claw (I think) laying on the floor and she indicates that she was betrayed by the Shadow Council and she warns you that the entire tomb is maze.  You are then attacked by a series of shadows.  You then have an option to go into any direction. 

Erdrique burning up the enemies of the Shadow Crypt photo ErdriqueburninguptheenemiesoftheShadowCrypt_zps23876cc1.jpg
Erdrique burning up shadows and other incorporeal undead in the Shadow Crypt.

When you pick a direction to head you are transported to another room in the tomb and when you turn around and go back the way you came you might be transported to the original room but most likely you will be transported to an entirely different room.  The objective of the quest is to gather 2 gears of four different colors (red, yellow, green, and blue).  When you move to a new room, the room will be shaded in one of these colors and when you enter the room and kill the enemies a chest will spawn with the appropriate color gear (there is a set of rooms that have a swimming maze instead of mobs to kill).  If you collect three of each colored gears then you can get access to an additional chest at the end.     

The quest contains a number of optional rare encounters that help add to the total amount of experience available in the quest.  Once you do gather at least two colors of each gear, you need to continue to move forward through the quest until you come to a room that has a translucent/spectral banner the covers one of the exit ways.  This particular room is the room that leads to the locks and levers needed to reach the Shadow Council and the named vampire at the end of the quest  Finding this particular room can sometimes be really aggravating, but you’ll find it eventually.  The DDOWiki has a few of the paths laid out to help in this endeavor.

In this quest, firewall pretty much rains supreme and ghost touch weapons are essential for your melees.  The quest isn’t very hard but just can be annoying.  At the completion of the quest Erdrique received well over 40,000 experience (including the optionals) and I was able to get the bonus chest.  As I mentioned before the uniqueness in this quest comes from the ability to “zone” into each room, no other quest is like this that I’m aware of.

So, now Erdrique is now done with the Shadow series and will begin moving into the the Cursed Crypt Series, eventually.  Those quests are base level 11 and Erdrique is still working on his level 9 and 10 quests.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!   


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