Experimenting with the New Guild Airship Amenities

One of best things that came with Update 22 nearly two weeks ago was the single purchase of guild amenities or the one-time purchase of guild amenities.  Basically when somebody in the guild (either the leader or an officer) purchases a guild amenity it remains available to the guild forever, it doesn’t expire.  As another guildie and I talked about this we began to wonder about something else with the new guild airship amenities.  Can you activate one amenity and receive its buff and then replace with a different one and get the buff from the newly placed amenity buff as well?

As I was wondering about this particular question, I happened to be looking over at the DDO Forums general discussion threads where it was implied that you can do just that and that one member of a guild had mentioned that they just picked one of the hook points to use as “rortational” buff, suggesting to me that they would place an amenity on that hook point that wasn’t currently on the ship but available to the guild.  So I decided to test it out myself on the Crypt Crawler’s Stormglory Tempest.  Now the Stormglory Tempest has 8 hold rooms and 2 state rooms in its single lower deck.  We are currently at guild level 62 which affords us more amenities than what the available hook points can hold.

Lorrikk purchasing a new amenity photo Lorrikkpurchasinganewamenity_zps7db909f7.jpg
Lorrikk purchasing a new amenity, the Concert Hall

One of the state rooms we can purchase is the Grand Reliquary I but unfortunately we don’t have enough astral shards to purchase it yet.  This particular drawback, however, gave me the perfect opportunity to test the ability swap amenities across the same hook point and retain all buffs from that swapping because in place of the Grand Reliquary I state room, I bought the respective hold rooms that offer the same buffs (The Stormreaver Memorial, The Shrine of Devourer, and The Sign of the Silver Flame).   I put down the Stormreaver Memorial first and got its buff and then laid down the Shrine of the Devourer and was able to receive its buff as well.

Lorrikk switching amenities photo Lorrikkswitchingamenities_zpsbe9dea3e.jpg
Lorrikk putting Old Sully’s Grog Cellar back in place of the Concert Hall.

So you definitely can rotate buffs on a hook point as long as you need and obtain each buff as necessary.  This is a pretty neat realization because it minimizes the need to buy a larger guild airship as we can focus on putting astral shards towards the various amenities instead.  Once we have the necessary amenities then we can focus on the larger guild airship.  Of course there are some issues with this.  First off, only officers and the guild leader can rotate the buffs on the guild airship.  For the Crypt Crawlers this is a minimal issue as our guild is small and the majority of the members are officers.  The other issue with this, is that minimizes the use of the all access amenity button because you still have to go down into the first level and receive the buffs from the “rotating” hold and state rooms.  But then again this is extremely minor.

Moving to the state rooms photo Movingtotheholdrooms_zps0ceff520.jpg
Lorrikk rotating amenities on a state room hook point as well.

I’m not sure if the old amenities worked this way or not because you can to keep purchasing them, so I never explored this possibility.  But this does help in giving us some directive, at least to me, when it come to the astral shard purchases with respect to amenities vs. larger airships.  In any case I like this discovery and we have purchased a few more hold rooms and another state room for the extra buffs.  Now to just save up enough astral shards to get those amenities!!

Thanks for reading everybody and now get to your guild ships and get those buffs so you can go hunt more effectively!!

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