Adventuring into the Shrieking Mines

Perhaps one of the least played quest packs in DDO is the Restless Isles.  The Restless Isles is home to the Titan Raid (The Twilight Forge and The Titan Awakes) but since the loot available from that raid hasn’t been updated in some time and has become primarily obsolete, it isn’t a heavily sought out adventure pack.  To get access to the Restless Isles, you first must complete the quest Hiding in Plain Sight and take care of our favorite bugbear, Hazadill.  The Restless Isles also contains a unique explorer area and two other quests, Slavers of the Shrieking Mines and Bring Me the Head of Ghola-fan, which are needed to get access to the raid.  These two particular flagging quests are both level 10 quests on normal and are next up for Erdrique (Level 13 Druid).  So, I took Erdrique into the Restless Isles and made my way to Slavers of the Shrieking Mines.

Now, one of the more annoying things about the Restless Isles is making your way to individual quests the first time.  If Restless Isles are composed of a series of islands either connected through underwater tunnels or by long suspension bridges.  If you don’t have a rogue, you have to take out a number of ogres to get their keys to unlock the doors in the underwater tunnels.  This can make your first run to both quests in the area a little aggravating at first.  However, once you complete the quests once, you can then use the respective “guides” to take you to the quest givers.  Up to that point though the “guides” will just shrug you off.

The Slavers of the Shrieking mine is an interesting quest.  It is a challenging quest if you have hirelings and summons with you because you cannot kill more than 11 miners (who wear a red set of clothes) meaning that you often have to set your hirelings to passive so that they don’t inadvertently kill the miners.  However, the miners will be “freed” if you can kill their ogre captures.  Using Greater Creeping Cold and Creeping Cold, I was able to draw the majority of these ogres to me without disturbing the miners so this was a minor issue at best for me during this run.

Now the primary objectives for the Shrieking Mines is to destroy the a number of ogre magi and mind flayers who are forcing the miners to dig up these crystals.  All told, their are three mind flayers and 5 ogre magi.  Navigating through the mines can also be quite a challenge.  The mines are layered and the paths on your map do cross back over each other.  Their are also some blade traps which can be annoying but the most dangerous traps are the gong traps which emit very powerful sonic damage.  The gong traps are actually operated by miners and if you can damage the miner he will turn the trap off.  Otherwise you have to navigate your through the sonic trap from the gong.  I did kill a few of these of minors and in other instances I lightly damaged the minor with a ranged attack and then tripped or stunned him and left him behind.  These minors do count against your total if you do happen to kill them.

 photo ErdfeastingonsomemindflayerintheShriekingMines_zps592b5775.jpg
Erdrique feasting on some mind flayer in the Shrieking Mines.

The three mind flayers are always behind a door, which I find interesting.  The ogre magi are either in the various hallways or down pits.  The ogre magi are frustrating, in that they will do their little disappearing trick when they take a large amount of damage and will come back with full health.  All the while, you will have miners trying to attack you as well.  To avoid this, I hit the ogre magi with creeping cold and greater creeping cold and when they phased out they were still killed by the slow dotting :).  The mind flayers can be equally as annoying with their mind blasting ability but I didn’t have any problems with them during this run.

This quest is also known for a few unique things.  First off, their is an optional quest objective to kill two beholders but ever since the quest was released, their has only been one beholder, so this optional objective is never completed.  Second, the Ring of the Ancestors comes out of this quest, which contains a nice little raise dead clicky.  And third, the Horrid Figurine can also be found in this quest, which is needed to find an explorer point and a possible rare encounter in the explorer area (it was also used to bypass fights when making your way to the raid before the use of Greater Teleport and before the zone was turned into an explorer area). 

The one thing that always gets me about Slavers of the Shrieking mines is that I always have problems finding the last mind flayer.  It never fails that I will run around the mines for another 20 minutes or so looking for that last passage I missed in my scoutings but eventually I do find it.  The quest itself has some interesting mechanics (the gong traps, not killing too many miners, etc.) is an interesting experience overall. 

I hope that they take a look at this adventure pack and rework it so it will be more desirable to run.  If you get a chance, check out the Restless Isles and the Shrieking Mines.  Those wildmen could use your help from those ogres and mind flayers!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!

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