Having a Fun Time in the Desert

I have always found the Sands of Menechtarun (better known as the Desert and also known as the Demon Sands) to be a fun and thrilling quest zone and I always enjoy taking my characters out there.  Last week, I had two characters doing some adventures in this fun pack: Erdrique (Level 13 Druid) and Rimuldar (Level 22 Wizard/Magister).  For Erdrique, it was his first time out in this wilderness/explorer zone during his druid life.  Of course, I have taken Erdrique out into the Desert plenty of times prior to this particular life, and I have set route for each of the areas to farm out slayers, rares, and explorer points.

The Desert holds a close place in my heart because of the number of experiences and fun items and loot that can be found out there.  The Desert explorer zone is where one can pull the Bloodstone, Dusk Heart, Spell Storing Ring, the Firestorm Greaves, Xuum, Bow of Elements (Air), and the Dynastic Falcata.  All of these items are fun things to have and these are just a few of the named items that can be found out here.

Erd prowling the Desert photo ErdprowlingtheDesert_zps5e2e0519.jpg
Erdrique prowling the desert and having run of the irony of winter wolf enjoying the heat.

The lore behind the Desert is also quite interesting.  Learning about the conflict between Zawabi and Lailat and Lailat’s influence over the Raiyum, the gnolls, and the drow is quite interesting.  During my run with Erdrique last week, I took him into the Tomb of the Physician (Chamber of Rhamat) which is one of five “side” quests in the zone.  An interesting aspect of the Tomb of the Physician is that after the end fight, you can pick up a seal that can then be used in the “flagging” quest, Chamber of Raiyum, to destroy one of three named guardians (who guard the chambers to the Lion, the Jackal, and the Wizard King Raiyum) allowing you to avoid a fight and save resources.  The layout to the Tomb of the Physician is relatively straight forward as well, and not nearly as confusing as that of the Wizard King. 

One thing I hope they do in the future is to turn these side quests and the explorer zone itself into epic versions, just like they did for Gianthold and Three Barrel Cove.  They could even allow you to pull seals and shards of those Desert items from the explorer zone, that would be a nice thought!!

In either case, if you ever get a chance and haven’t explored Desert, I would recommend in doing so.  The explorer area contains a large amount of experience, some beautiful landscaping (especially at night), very interesting loot, pyramids (who doesn’t like pyramids?), and some fun quests that are cunning and dangerous!!  I expect I will be spending a large amount of time out there over the next few weeks as Erdrique will probably be working on those quests at the very least.

Erd smiling in the Desert photo ErdsmilingintheDesert_zps81ed85d5.jpg
Erdrique enjoying the night of the Sands of Menectharun.

Thanks for reading everybody and not get back out into the heat of Desert and start doing your hunting!!     

3 thoughts on “Having a Fun Time in the Desert

  1. The desert was the first adventure area. While newer areas are more complex, I don’t think any have handled grouping by monster type and also rare loot drops any better. The desert still totally rocks.


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