The Blood Tide Zombies

The Sentinels of Stormreach Chain has some pretty interesting quests with one of those quest including The Black Loch.  I recently took Hamllin (Level 9 Fighter) through this particular quest on elite and was curious about some of the monsters you encounter in the quest.  The Black Loch is bestowed by Tyn d’Deneith who is located in the House Deneith Ward close to Evi Joss.  The Black Loch is actually an explorer zone point in Three Barrel Cove and the quest allows you to explore this unique aspect of Three Barrel Cove.

Tripping the Bloodtide sorceres in the Black Loch photo TrippingtheBloodtidesorcerersintheBlackLoch_zps021c4e59.jpg
Hamllin pressing on in the Black Loch.

The enemies you encounter include drow, kobolds, hobgoblins, orcs, human necromancers, and zombie pirates.  The premise of the quest is to liberate the Black Loch from the clutches of Captain Tew’s Blood Tide pirates.  While questing through this particular part of the chain, we learn how Captain Tew plans on reinforcing his ranks.  As it turns out, Captain Tew has hired a powerful necromancer named Dheren Kiettuc who also happens to have three apprentices.  It turns out that Kiettuc and his “crew” are raising falling pirates to serve as members of the Blood Tide and they are using the Black Loch as their base of operations for their “experiments”.

This is actually a pretty brilliant move on Captain Tew’s part.  How better to strengthen your ranks than with a force of undead minions.  This makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl were the whole crew of the Black Pearl have been turned into undead minions because they took the cursed gold of Cortez.  However, unlike the crew of the Black Pearl, we are currently unaware of who the undead zombie pirates are that have “joined” the ranks of Captain Tew’s Blood Tide pirates.  This made me wonder, were these fallen pirates members of the Blood Tide when they were alive and now being used for this experimentation, or are they the fallen enemy pirates from the invasion of the Black Loch, or are they from so other entity all together.

An optional within the Black Loch is to destroy a large number of “failed” experiments that have been locked away in the cells of base.  The number of zombies within these cells is considerable and since they appear to be me former humans, elves, and halfings as opposed to hobgoblins, orcs, and kobolds which tend to make up the bulk of the Blood Tide forces.  This makes me assume that these zombies were probably from enemy pirate bands or from other unfortunate areas where the Blood Tide has looted.

Come to think of it, I haven’t come across any zombified kobolds, hobgoblins, or orcs.  I wonder what they would be like…hm..

Anyway, those are my thoughts.  Theses zombies might even be the corpes of the enemies you encounter in the slayer zone of Three Barrel Cove.  That is an interesting thought too.  Is it possible that we are expanding the ranks of the Blood Tide unknowingly?

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting.  I now need to prep for Hurricane Arthur, hoping I don’t lose power because I was planning on some questing tonight!!


4 thoughts on “The Blood Tide Zombies

  1. The weird thing is, some of the enemy dialogue in this quest shows they are fully aware and almost looking forward to being zombified. When you slay them, sometimes they’re like “I’ll be back soon…” and stuff like that.
    This is one quest i’ve always enjoyed quite a bit. And that treasure room makes for some great screenies!


    • That it does, but I always run into some laggy issues when I hit the main room with the pirate ship. That gets annoying, but besides that I really like this quest.


    • Yeah, luckily we were ok as well. Looks like the eye made fall close to the Cape Lookout which put us on the western side of the storm, which was a good thing because he were out of the strongest winds. We didn’t even lose power!!


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