Hurricane and Quest Runs, June 30th to July 3rd

Well, not only did this week contain a number of questing adventures in DDO but also a hurricane!!  Hurricane Arthur tried his best to disrupt my questing activity but luckily he didn’t do too good of job at it, but he did mess me up a little bit. 

The questing activities started out on Monday morning, but not in DDO.  Monday, the DDO servers were down due to an all system maintenance at Turbine.  So, I booted up Neverwinter Nights II and took Ragnar (Level 5 Spirit Shaman) further into the city of Highcliff as he learned more about the lizardfolk who have blockaded the city.  By the time I got back home from work though, DDO game servers were back up. This allowed me to log on with Hamllin (Level 9 Fighter) and he took on the first quest of the Sentinels of Stormreach: Bargain of Blood.  Hamllin had little problems going through the quest, however his hireling cleric had some issues with the spinning blade traps but I eventually got her through them.  Later that night I logged on with Stoorage (Level 10 Fighter) and I took him into Three Barrel Cove to take the Brood of Flame and then I took him into Smuggler’s Rest and helped a fellow guildie with the Crystal Cove.  I logged out after a little roaming around on the island.

Ragnar and his gang cleaning up Pars house photo RagnarandhisgangcleaninupParshouse_zps2286fe03.jpg
Ragnar taking his gang into Pars house to clean it up from looters in Highcliff.

What else is being sold in here photo Whatelseisbeingsoldhere_zpsc09ad763.jpg
Hamllin in the midsts of the Bargain Bazaar.

oge dominating the fire enemies in Brood of Flame photo StooragedominatingthefireenemiesinBroodofFlame_zpsa6f981a6.jpg
Stoorage fighting the enemies in the Brood of Flame.

Stoorage exploring Smugglers Rest photo StoorageexploringSmugglersRest_zps3ebe0083.jpg
Stoorage exploring Smuggler’s Rest.

On Tuesday, my day started with taking Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Exalted Angel) into the High Road.  After fighting the Yuan-ti warring party, I logged out and headed to work.  Later that afternoon I logged on with Erdrique (Level 14 Druid) but I only worked on some maintenance (auctions, mail, etc.).  Tuesday night, I logged back on with Wapoyei and due to some long load times and disconnects I last more than half of my questing time that night but I still started an Haywire Foundry on Epic Normal with him.  Although I didn’t finish the quest, ran out of time and needed to head to bed, I did still wind up getting 10 k experience just from optionals.  After that, I headed to bed.

Wapoyei hunting down the Yuan-ti in the High Road photo WapoyeihuntingdowntheYuan-tiintheHighRoad_zpsc762c87f.jpg
Wapoyei fighting the Yuan-ti in the High Road.

Wapoyei fighting the drones in Haywires Foundry photo WapoyeifightingthedronesinHaywiresFoundry_zps7968e135.jpg
Wapoyei fighting the drones in Haywire Foundry.

On Wednesday, I was scheduled to log on with Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) in the morning for my slayer run.  Kanndar is working on his Searing Heights slayers and I took him through that zone for a little while prior to heading to work.  After I came back home from work, I logged on with Hamllin who took the second quest of the Sentinel Series, The Black Loch and had some fun with the pirate zombies.  I called it a night after that run for date night.

Kanndar taking on the enemies of Searing Heights photo KanndartakingontheenemiesoftheSearingHeights_zps716c6249.jpg
Kanndar fighting the enemies in the Searing Heights.

Tripping the Bloodtide sorceres in the Black Loch photo TrippingtheBloodtidesorcerersintheBlackLoch_zps021c4e59.jpg
Hamllin tripping up a sorcerer in the Black Loch.

Thursday was an interesting day.  Hurricane Arthur was approaching the North Carolina coast and I knew that it would impact coastal North Carolina later in the night.  I went ahead and logged in with Harrgon (Level 9 Favored Soul) and took him into Tangleroot Gorge explorer area, which he is nearly done with.  I went to work after that run and watched/prepared for Hurricane Arthur.  I stayed at work for the entire time period, even though I had expected on being dismissed earlier, but Arthur’s movement had slowed so I had a full day at the office.  When I got home I logged on with Erdrique and entered the Sands of Menectharun and completed the quest Purge the Fallen Shrine, and that was when the first set of rain bands starting to make its way in.  The storm was still making its way to the coast when I logged in later that night with Berann (Level 7 Barbarian).  I had fully expected to lose power but I wanted to get as much questing in as I could before that.  Berann is still working on his Harbor and Market quests so I completed Smuggler’s Warehouse, Recovering the Lost Tome, Stealthy Repossession, Miller’s Debt, and Missing in Action.  It was around 11:30 pm or so and the rain was coming down pretty well by then and I learned that the eye of Hurricane Arthur and made landfall close to Cape Lookout, NC which was to the east of me.  This meant that my house was on the western side of the storm which had the weaker winds, a good thing.  Since I still had power, I logged out with Berann and on with Wapoyei and tried to Haywire’s Foundry once again.  Although I never did lose power, thankfully!!, my power did flicker a few times and the last time it flickered it was enough to restart my computer as I was taking Wapoyei through Haywire’s Foundry.  And believe it or not, I got disconnected right where I left off earlier.  So I got my computer booted back up and decided to call it a night.

Harrgon investigating the trog cave photo Harrgoninvestigatingthetrogcave_zps43b7e239.jpg
Harrgon investigating the trog cave in Tangleroot Gorge.

Erdrique hunting gnolls in the Desert photo ErdriquehuntinggnollsintheDesert_zps8c33c716.jpg
Erdrique hunting gnolls in the desert.

Taking down a fire reaver in the Fallen Shrine photo TakingdownaFireReaverinTheFallenShrine_zpscfdd32ca.jpg
Erdrique tripping up fire reavers in The Fallen Shrine.

Berann looking upon the chest in front of shrine in Smuggler's Rest photo BerannlookinguponthechestinfrontofshrineinSmugglersRest_zpsbcf5982a.jpg
Berann looking upon the chest in front of a small shrine in the Smuggler’s Warehouse.

Eldamir is not to be trusted photo Eldamirisnottobetrusted_zps1f5c3b02.jpg
Eldamir is not to be trusted.

Berann getting cursed in Stealty Repossession photo BeranngettingcursedinStealthyRepossession_zps3e540de1.jpg
Berann getting cursed in Stealthy Repossession.

Berann looking for the Miller photo BerannlookingforaMiller_zpscc65447f.jpg
Berann looking for the Miller.

Wapoyei fighting in the Foundry in the middle of a firewall photo WapoyeifightingintheFoundryinthemiddleofafirewall_zps92ae5588.jpg
Wapoyei fighting the enemies in Haywire Foundry in the midst of a firewall.

So the week had a nice set of runs overall and Hurricane Arthur, luckily, was pretty tame to my house and neighborhood, although other areas around the Outer Banks got hit pretty hard.  I hope everybody else had a strong week’s worth of questing and those of you impacted by the storm I hope stayed safe and are doing well.  Thanks for readying everybody and happy hunting!!      


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