Purge the Fallen Shrine

One of the side quests inside Sands of Menechtarun is called Purge the Fallen Shrine.  Purge the Fallen Shrine is a “walk up” quest and it is bestowed upon you when you approach its entrance.  The quest is a level 11 quest on normal, making it level 13 on elite.  The interesting aspect about this quest is the storyline.  The end boss in this quest is a wraith Ashok Kalidan.  Ashok Kalidan was bound to that dungeon for the vile atrocities he committed at the bidding of King Raiyum by his own family.  However, his family was wrong on this believe.  See Ashok Kalidan was a great warrior and a great hero during his time.  King Raiyum took notice of Askhok and actually captured his wife and child.  King Raiyum forced Ashok to do his bidding or else he would kill Akshok’s family.  When you defeat Ashok’s wraith, his eternal soul is released but before he can leave and be at peace he asks you to pass on his tale to his ancestors, if any live.    

The quest is filled with flesh renders (cacodemons) and fire reavers (pryodemons) and mephits.  There is also a named efreeti and a named hell hound just before you reach Ashok’s wraith.  The storyline just emphasizes how vile King Raiyum was during his reign and we also learn that the only people he actually trusts were Rhamat and Kourush, who also happen to have lesser pyramids next to the large pyramid of the Wizard-King.  I’m kind of surprised to learn that these two figures were close to the Wizard-King but Raiyum doesn’t use them to protect himself.  Instead Raiyum has them mummified and he has them each protect a seal.  A seal that controls a bound djinni who is in turn protecting either the Wizard-King, the Jackal, or Hyena.  The Jackal and Hyena are also projectors of the Wizard-King and are located in his pyramid.

Taking down a fire reaver in the Fallen Shrine photo TakingdownaFireReaverinTheFallenShrine_zpscfdd32ca.jpg
Erdrique having some fun in Purge the Fallen Shrine.

In either case, Purge the Fallen Shrine gives some interesting depth to the story behind the Wizard King and gives us an idea of his evilness.  The quest itself can also be quite challenging if you don’t control the flow of the incoming outsiders (flesh renders and fire reavers in particular).  When you complete the quest, you obtain its reward from Ashok’s ancestor Bahir who thanks you for your help and seems relieved to here the truth.

So, the next time you are in the desert, check it out.  Its a fun short quest with some interesting background.  Well thanks for reading everybody, and happy hunting!!  


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